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What Is The Role And Importance Of Attendance Monitoring System?

Updated on June 13, 2013

There was a time when the attendance of the students and employees was marked on registers. However, those who have been a part of the classes when attendance registers were used know how easy it was to abuse such a method of attendance and mark bogus attendances for each other. Of course, technology had to play its role in this field just as well as it has done in other fields. The attendance monitoring system was created and it changed the way attendances were marked. The attendance monitoring system has made the lives of teachers and employers easier by making attendance marking procedure a piece of cake.

Attendance monitoring system is being used in schools, universities and companies to mark the attendance of students and employees today. This modern attendance system uses various methods to mark the attendance of people. For example, in some companies the attendance is marked with the help of a card that has a barcode in the back. This card is swiped in a machine and when the swiping is done, the attendance gets marked in the system. Another attendance monitoring system is even stricter and requires you to give a thumb print before you occupy your place in the office or class.

This is called the biometric feature of an attendance system and a common day example of such system is in modern laptops where you have to swipe your finger on a particular metal stripe to unlock the laptop. With the modern features the attendance monitoring system is no longer limited to marking the attendances of people but it does a lot more today. Not only does attendance monitoring system keep a record of their presence or absence from the office/class in a digital format but it also records their leaves, absenteeism, fines, absenteeism patterns, corrective actions and other data.

The patterns and trends in the data give a great piece of information to the companies and it all comes from the attendance monitoring system. For example, here are some common trends found using an attendance monitoring system: higher salaries reduce the absenteeism rate, women are found to be absent more than men, married employees are more punctual and present than unmarried ones, older employees have a higher presence rate than younger ones etc. There is much more information that can be obtained by using such systems and all it needs is the installation of an application in the system.

When it comes to schools and universities, the attendance monitoring system is a great help for parents and teachers both. Parents are never uninformed of the dependability of their children in the class if the university is using an attendance monitoring system. The registers could easily be exploited by students and if information was mailed to the parents, there were high chances that mails could be made to disappear before parents even saw them. With the monitoring system in place, the information can easily be printed or a soft copy can be sent directly to parents in their personal email accounts.

Types of Attendance Monitoring Systems

There comes a difference in the recording keeping depending if the people are employee or students. Attendance monitoring system for students usually records their academic progress, teacher comments and standardized test scores. The system for employees contains the employment history, performance information and references.

Attendance Systems: Manual vs Automated


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