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What Kind of ASUS Infinity TF700 Cases and Accessories Should I Look For?

Updated on August 24, 2012
Asus Transformer Infinity TF700
Asus Transformer Infinity TF700

There’s no doubt in my mind that people who love Android and want to buy a tablet will get the ASUS Transformer Infinity 700, the best slate running Google’s operating system. It’s the first to feature a quad core processor (thanks to Tegra3) and a Full HD IPS+ display with high brightness, 600 nits, that make outdoor reading a pleasure. There are actually 1920 x 1200 px, which is slightly more than 1080p, but that’s a good thing.

Now, the Transformer Infinity (TF700T is the codename) is a worthy product also because of the optional docking keyboard, a signature of the Transformer series, which allows users to transform their tablet into a 10 inch netbook with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, a second battery that charges the original one while docked and two full size ports, USB 2.0 and SD card reader.

That’s why you would think the Asus Infinity 700 Tablet doesn’t need any other kind of accessory, but you would be wrong. Remember how you buy stuff to complement your iPad tablet or laptop and you’ll see why it’s no difference when we’re talking about the Infinity Android tablet.

There are two categories of add-ons you can get: carrying cases/sleeves/covers and accessories, which include screen protectors, car chargers, mices, external storage and so on.

I’m not going into too much details about what each and every one of the aforementioned things do, as they’re pretty self-explanatory, but I’m going to give you a few examples of the things you should consider buying:

ASUS Transformer Infinity cases

  • MoKo 360° Rotating Detachable Cover Case - can be detached from the base, can work as a stand with multiple angles and support landscape and portrait orientation
  • i-Blason Genuine Leather Folio Carry Case - comes with a stylus and a horizontal stand with two inclination angles
  • MiniSuit PU Leather Keyboard Portfolio Stand Case Cover - this one comes with pockets for storing business cards, and also fits the docking keyboards (very few cases can do it)

ASUS Transformer Infinity accessories:

  • Car Charger 15V 1.2A + Mini Stylus Pen - it’s the best option to extend mobile range while traveling by car, comes with 3-foot cable
  • i-Blason DuroClear Series 2 Pack LifeGuard Screen Protectors - you get two protectors, one anti-glare matter and one clear. They’re also made from 6 layers so they’re durable
  • Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T Mobile Docking - the mother of all Infinity accessories. It’s the one you must buy!

Final words

I know the list seems short, but because most manufacturers decided to work with Apple and design accessories and cases for the iPad it means all other tablets have been forgotten mostly. That’s why my list is pretty short. If you want to get more models head on here and check this comprehensive list, updated from time to time.


Because no Transformer tablet is identical to the previous one you need to buy a different case for each new model. And by differences I’m talking about size and weight. The docking keyboard is difference, and sometime the port placement so make sure you buy a model of case that’s designed to work with your version of Transformer, Infinity in this case.


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