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What Kinds of Office Brewers Does Keurig Offer?

Updated on April 19, 2010

Keurig company originally made its name in gourmet coffee by creating some of the best commercial brewers. Keurig coffee makers are best known for brewing delicious coffee one cup at a time. Currently Keurig maintains a full line of commercial brewers, each specifically designed to match commercial needs. So whether for an office or for a hospitality set-up, Keurig brewers will deliver the right coffee, in the exact amount that each coffee-drinker wants!

Here are some of the best selling commercial Keurig coffee brewers.

Desk Pro B130

Keurig B130 is a handy little coffee brewer that packs the punch of larger Keurig brewers. Keurig created this mini hospitality brewer to be perfectly designed for hotels, inns and bed and breakfasts. Keurig B130, also known as Keurig Desk Pro, presents all the features of a larger, flashier Keurig brewer in a more compact design.

Keurig Desk Pro B130 comes complete with step-by-step instructions that help guests make coffee with ease and efficiency. This mini Keurig brewer makes a fresh cup of coffee in less than 3 minutes, and beeps when a cup is not in place before brewing. Essentially, this handy little brewer allows guests to enjoy gourmet coffee within the comfort of their room, thus relieving stress from the main coffee room. Or alternatively, because of its trim-and-tidy design, Keurig B130 can be perfectly integrated for personal desk use.

Keurig Office Pro

Keurig Office Pro is the most economical choice for office Keurig brewers. The three cup brewing system allows employees to select their desired cup size, sending any concerns about waste out the window! Keurig Office Pro creates a 6 oz. brew which is perfect for a small tea cup, an 8 oz. brew which is sized for an average coffee mug, and a 10 oz. brew which is suitable for large travel mugs.

Keurig Office Pro puts office life at ease with a 48 oz. removable water tank that allows for several brews before the need for a refill. An internal water tank is also integrated so that more water can be retained in between refills. For all these reasons, Keurig Office Pro is the number one choice for offices. At a low price, with loads of added features, Keurig Office Pro modernizes the office coffee routine!

Keurig B140

Keurig B140 is a slightly larger version of the Keurig Office Pro, with a slightly widened range of usage capacity. The Keurig B140 can easily cater to an office of up to 15 employees. With the same stellar features of three cup sizes and a 48 oz water reservoir, the Keurig B140 is a versatile gourmet coffee machine with durability and resilience.

Along the top control panel, there are helpful lights for descaling, heating, adding water. This way, every employee is constantly in the know and can understand how to work the communal Keurig brewer. So not only do you get no-brainer brewing, but you also get no-brainer maintenance that every employee can easily contribute to.

Keurig B200

Keurig B200 is the big kahuna of Keurig office brewers. The Keurig B200 is suitable for a large office of up to 30 employees. A conveniently large 64 oz. water reservoir allows for ease of use! Employees can brew up to 8 large cups without constantly needing to refill the water levels. This durable office coffee machine is perfect for offices that are looking for more efficiency. If a large water reservoir doesn't suit your needs, this massive office brewer comes with the option to install plumbing!

Keurig B200 allows employees to enjoy a selection of 2 cup sizes: a medium 6 oz. cup and a large 8 oz. cup. An LCD water level meter shows employees the level of remaining water at any given time. Another LCD screen prompt users with instructions so that anyone can use the Keurig brewer with efficiency. And the added perk? The instructions can be displayed in English, Spanish or French, depending on the diversity of your office!

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