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What Parents Should Rule Out: Screen Protector for Ipad

Updated on June 22, 2012

Today, a smart parent thinks long and hard about a child’s request for an ipad screen protector. That parent should wonder just what is supposed to be protected from whom. The screen protector for ipad was designed for someone like the traveling business person. 

He or she might plan to read on a plane. He or she might feel uncomfortable about allowing others to peek at what is being read. Installation of a screen protector for ipad can eliminate any such discomfort (read more).

If the owner of Apple’s new tablet happens to lack any sort of screening device, that owner should think about buying a screen protector kit. Of course, not every tablet owner feels confident enough to install his or her own screening unit. Therefore, a less than handy tablet owner might want to take his or her new possession to a computer store. There, one of the technicians could install the desired screening aid.

So, should a parent worry about chances that a child might approach a technician and ask for installation of a screening unit? Fortunately, the chances for that happening are rather small. A busy technician would not be inclined to welcome the appearance of a small child, one with questionable monetary resources.

Moreover, most young computer technicians remember well the tricks that they employed, before becoming more responsible adults. They are not apt to fall for any invented story that might be presented by a small child. By the same token, most technicians hope to guarantee business from adult customers. Therefore they want to support any well-meaning efforts made by caring parents.

Such efforts might include the use of parental controls on the home’s personal computer. A child’s request for a screen could well represent an attempt to get around those controls. A smart technician does not put such a device on a child's tablet.


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