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What Siri Should Actually Be Able To Do

Updated on November 11, 2012

When Apple introduced Siri alongside the iPhone 4S back in late 2011, we were all amazed by the speed, integration, and capability of the new assistant. But later when we got our hands on the device, we realized Siri needed a working internet connection to function. Without the internet, Siri can't even perform basic functions, such as controlling music or calling people.

So given that Siri doesn't use the phone's memory to function, and rather uses the Internet, with endless boxes of data, shouldn't it be more capable? IT USES THE INTERNET! Why is Siri using only a slice of the internet to perform functions?

Siri can really do more. Here are some ideas as to what the power of the internet can allow the voice controlled assistant to do.

Fetching Data & Facts

Siri can use Wikipedia to tell us about, well, anything! People, places, items, and many other subjects! Wolfram Alpha is honestly not as detailed when it comes to these things. They should use Wikipedia for fetching the data explained above. As for math equations and other "advanced" reqests, Wolfram Alpha would be great.

Videos, Images, and Media

Well, when we ask Siri to give us a picture of something, well, it's honestly a small, blurry image. What Siri should really do is bring up a library of images, using Google or Bing images. Clicking on one would bring it up in full screen. As for videos, when we ask a question, such as "How do I tie a tie?" It should bring up some video and text results (again, by using Google or Bing), and allow the user to choose which result they want.


Here's where the internet comes in real handy. Siri should be able to integrate with SoundHound or Shazam, and after asking Siri "What song is playing?" Have her listen, and when she has found the match using the above services, bring up the song in iTunes, so the user can buy the song.

This is all I have for now. I promise, I will add more ideas as they come to me. If you have anything to share, please share them in the comments below! Thanks!


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      Trey 2 years ago

      I think Siri should be able to integrate with Find My iPhone (Find My Mac, iPad, etc.). If you forget where you put your iDevice, ask Siri, "Where is (name of iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc)?" But, Siri asks you for either your iDevice passcode or Apple ID for security.