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What To Do With Your Old Unused Refrigerator

Updated on November 20, 2014

Turn your old refrigerator into a waste container

Many people are wondering about their old refrigerators after buying a new one. Old refrigerators can consume huge electricity that might be drawn up to 40% of your overall electricity bill. Experts suggest that if your refrigerator has been serving you more than ten years, you should replace it as soon as possible. Obviously, there are hundreds of options are waiting for you. You can recycle or sell it to an electric repairing shop. However, you can use them for some creative purposes. At first, defrost the doors and clean it properly to stop mould growth. Whatever your purpose, unused refrigerator should be used as a useful and environmentally friendly manner.

This is the most clever thing to use the refrigerator as a waste container where you can keep varieties of garbage for example, your kitchen waste. You do not need to polish the refrigerator body since it’s already decorated. However, before using it, at first extract the refrigerant gases and remove the interior compartment where you can throw garbage.

Old fridge is used as a bin container


Turn your refrigerator into a shoe rack

In the market, you will find shoe racks are very expensive one. It has already compartments in inside, you can keep your shoes in the tray. This is a very hygienic way to keep your shoes like that because the magnetic door will not allow spreading germs in outside. However, you can keep the shoes in the top of the fridge, if you do not let your shoes inside.

Turn your refrigerator into a flower tub

If you are fanatic of gardening and you do not have much area to plant flower trees. This could a great idea to transform your old refrigerator into flower tubs. You can change the colour and place it in a suitable place where you want to gardening. Summon a close friend of yours who have great experience about that plantation.

Old fridge used as a book shelve


Turn your old refrigerator compressor into a mechanical pump

You can find lots of manuals for making a mechanical pump in the internet. The old refrigerator compressor or an air conditioner can be used as a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump can be used for many applications, for example, running different types of machinery to vacuum cleaner.

Turn your old refrigerator into a Television stand

You just buy a new TV to watch the movie and you do not have any TV stand to place your TV. Your old model fridge can serve the role.

Turn your old refrigerator coil into solar heater

There is a mystery that everyone knows that refrigerators are used to keep things cool. But do you know that your refrigerator can be used as a heater? You can make this heater from your home in a very cheap price. First, you need to remove the coil from the back side and if you good at collecting scrap material you can take this advantage.

Turn your old fridge into bookshelves

I learned this at my high school. Although, I have a big bookshelf, I made this just for fun with our unused fridge. As far I can remember, I used a hack saw, a drill, a measurement tape, some screws, and obviously our old fridge for this project. Just unscrew all the connections of the refrigerator, clean thoroughly and make a rap inside the fridge.

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Turn your old refrigerator into a cold smoker

An old refrigerator can be used as a great cold smoker, fridges are quite big enough for compress the smoke and they can keep the internal temperature constant. The building method of cold smoker is quite easy with your old fridge. Here is an outline of making cold smoker-

At first clean the inner part of the fridge, then make a wooden shelf into it. Fit a chimney on the top side of the fridge, hang some rods with similar interval onto the shelves and test the smoke.

Turn your old refrigerator into kegerator

A homemade Kegerator can save large amounts of money. It serves similar facilities like Enjoy cold, fresh water to expensive machine. Keep in mind, when building a Kegerator, make sure the you take the standard height fridge.

Donate your unused fridge to an organisation

If you are planning to bring a new model refrigerator after the lifetime of your old one has finished, inquire several organisations about the donations. Many national organizations accepted scarp donations, moreover, charity firm like Habitant for Humanity runs a different outlet from worldwide to accept donations that may help to build their project. You may also donate your old fridge to churches, schools and orphan houses. Ask them, if they need any fridge for donation. Also keep track of your donation and ask for a memo slip that may reduce your income taxes.

Make a good use of your refrigerator parts

If you decide to convert your fridge into a wardrobe or something else, you can still use its mechanical and electrical parts, for example, compressor, coil, pump and so on. Also, you can use the drawers for keeping your cat or a letter box.

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© 2014 Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin


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    • doris and me profile imageAUTHOR

      Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin 

      4 years ago from Dhaka

      Thanks for your concern LindaSmith1

    • LindaSmith1 profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      I don't know about newer models, but in the 70's and 80's some people turned the old fridge into a smoker. Of course, take the door off of the old fridge to prevent an accidental death.


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