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What You Dont Know

Updated on October 21, 2011

Facebook 101

So for all of you that are using Facebook just as a way to keep in touch with far away relatives and friends I have a little insight for you on the matter. Did you know that Facebook has many various qualities to it to better your life than just keeping in touch. I have below noted all the different possibilities available through Facebook.

  • Business aspect: Facebook is a site that can help grow and increase you bushiness father than you ever dreamed. Did you know that Facebook offers a "Page". This is where you can create a page advertising your business. You can answer all questions post prices and give your customers a more satisfying feeling that they completely understand what your business is all about,
  • AD'S: One thing that fairly few people know is that you can actually take out an AD. This would do wonders if you host a business online. Being able to advertise an AD's somewhere where millions of people are constantly active. How could you not love it!
  • Platforms: Facebook Platform provides many simple ways for integrating your apps with features such as News Feed and Notifications.
  • Sponsored Stories: You can advertise your own items and business by writing about them. When you write descriptive articles it gives the people interested in your business a clearer view of what your business is all about. This could lead to more revenue for you!

These four things are highly overlooked by people. So, if you are looking to make money, or just organize your page a little more be sure o check out these cool features Facebook offers.


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