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What You Must Know Before You Buy Nokia Lumia 925

Updated on November 28, 2013

Critical Review of Nokia Lumia 925


Nokia Inc. is now fully committed into producing window's phone since Microsoft bought the company some months ago. One of the recent window's phone made by the company is Nokia Lumia 925. This phone has many great features and many people will really like it, especially if you are a window fan. There are few things you must know before you buy this phone especially in terms of shortcommings and great features that this phone has. I have taken time to point out some of them in this review.

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Front View of Nokia Lumia 925

The Shortfalls You Must Know About Before You Buy Nokia Lumia 925

Lack Memory Expandability Feature

This phone is available in 16GB and 32GB but does not come with external memory card slot. If you consider large memory as indispensable part of a phone then you may either buy 32GB type or you can use cloud storage. May be Nokia will consider making it possible for users to use external memory in the future phones. Many people use there phone as a mini laptop and large memory is therefore very germane to them.

Battery Issue

Nokia Lumia 925 comes with 2, 000 mAh battery. This battery is a bit good but may drain quickly sometimes because of the background tasks that are running. The phone would have been better if it comes with something like 3, 200 mAh battery. The battery is also not user replaceable and this means that you cannot carry extra battery when travelling. Although many other smartphones produced nowadays have batteries that are not user replaceable, but this one is of special concern because the battery may drain quickly.

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Lack of Wireless Charging Capability

This feature is lacking in this phone although present in its predecessor like Nokia Lumia 920. So if you are already using nokia lumia 920 and you are considering changing to nokia lumia 925 then know that you will miss this feature. But there is a way out. You can buy wireless charging case in order for you to charge the phone wirelessly. The bad side of this is that you will need to spend extra dollars to buy it.

Application Issue

If you are already used to large collections of applications on the iOS or andriod, then you may miss some of them because they may not be available on the window 8 that comes with the phone. This may be due to the fact that there are not many window phones like we have for android phones or iphones. I expect the number of applications made for this type of phone to increase with time.

Comparison Between Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 920
1 gig Ram
1 gig Ram
139g by weight
185g by weight
window 8
window 8
1.2MP front camera and 8.7 back camera
1.3MP front camera and 8.7 back camera
Lack inductive charging capability
Inductive charging capability
lack expandable memory
lack expandable memory
4.5 inch display size
4.5 display size

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The Great Features You Must Know About Before You Buy Nokia Lumia 925

Light Weight

One of important features of a good phone is light weight. Nokia Lumia 925 has a very light weight when compared to other nokia lumia phones. It weighs 139g and it is easy to carry around.

Great Operating System (OS)

Microsoft Window OS is a great OS. It is stable and elegant. If you are used to window OS, then you can also consider buying a phone that has window OS. You will also be able have access to lot of window applications that you may already be using on your system.

Miscellaneous Features

The other great features include good design, good resolution, and good performance, good camera among others.

Precautions That You May Need To Take When Using Nokia Lumia 925

There is a feature on this phone that is called "Wifi Calling". You have to be careful with this feature so as not to run into trouble. The are settings under this features include: Wi-Fi Only, Cellular Preferred, Wi-Fi Preferred and wi-fi calling "on" or "off". You can choose between any of these, I will advice that you try to understand this feature very well before you use it because if you don't choose the right feature, the functions of the phone may be affected. If you choose one of these features and it is affecting your phone then you may switch off the wi-fi calling totally by choosing the "wifi off" feature.


Nokia Lumia 925 is a very great phone except for few shortcommings. I will recommend this phone if you are considering buying a windows phone.


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