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What You Must Know Before You Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Updated on November 26, 2013

Critical Review of Samsung Galaxy S4


Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 is a great phone, and it represents one of the latest phone in the samsung galaxy S family. Other samsung galaxy S4 variants: this includes samsung galaxy S4 active, samsung galaxy S4 zoom and samsung galaxy S4 mini. Both the samsung galaxy S4 I9500 and its variants are very similar and there is only minor differences between them. For example, the main difference between samsung galaxy S4 and "samsung galaxy S4 active" is that S4 active is waterproof and dust proof and therefore more rugged. On the other hand, the main difference between samsung galaxy S4 and S4 mini is that S4 mini has 8MP back camera and 1.9MP front camera, while S4 has 13MP back camera and 2MP front camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has many great features some of which includes fantastic resolution, faster processor, lighter weight among others, but this phone also comes with shortfalls that are of considerable significance to prospective buyers.

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Front View of Samsung Galaxy S4


The Shortfalls You Must Know About Before You Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Battery Issue

Samsung galaxy S4 comes with a 2600 mAh Li-ion that is user removable. Generally speaking the battery is not very fantastic. It seems to run out quickly compared to other high end smartphone batteries. You may need to charge the battery twice a day sometimes, so as to ensure continuous usage throughout the day. If you want to really enjoy this phone for many hours then you may need to exit or disable many unwanted applications that may be running at the background. I believe that Samsung Inc should greatly improve upon the battery in their next generational S phone. It will also be fantastic if they can include something similar to battery stamina mode that is present in Sony Xperia Z1 so as to improve the battery life.

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Bloatware Issue

Samsung galaxy S4 comes with many applications some of which are bloatwares that you may never be used. This consumes much memory of the phone and also make the battery to drain quickly when they are opened. You may consider disabling some of these bloatwares by going to the application manager and disabling them. Samsung should consider reducing the number of applications they preload their phones with. This will release much memory space for other important things a buyer may want to do. Imagine buying a 16gig phone that only has 8gig free because of preloaded applications. It is time they do something about this.

Comparison Between Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
2gig Ram
3gig Ram
130g weight
168g weight
2600 mAh Battery
3200 mAh Battery

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Phone Fragility Issue

This phone is relatively fragile and you must be very careful when handling. It will be better for you to put the issue of gorilla glass apart and take the better care of the phone. It appears that the phone is fragile because of the way it is designed. The phone is designed in such a way that if it hit the ground with its side then you may have problem.

Miscellaneous Issue

The power button placement also make it possible for you to confuse it with volume button. This means that you may press power button instead of volume button sometimes and vice versa. This may not be very spectacular but it is important that a prospective buyer knows about this. You should get used to it as time goes on. Samsung Galaxy S4 also lack FM radio, a feature found in the hold models.

Back View of Samsung Galaxy S4

The Great Features You Must Know About Before You Buy Samsung Galaxy S4

Fast Processor

This phone comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and a 2gig ram. Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 on the other hand, comes with Snapdragon 800. This features make the phone to process information very fast. But you must also know that this is relative and the phone may be a bit slow if you are running many applications together or you are running a very heavy application.

Great Hardware

The phone comes in 16gig, 32gig and 64gig memory. It also has external memory card slot. The phone comes with 13MP back camera and 2MP back camera. It weighs 130g making it easy to carry. It also has a large screen size so that you may have better view.

The Precaution That You May Need To Take When Using Samsung Galaxy S4

The phone is a bit fragile and you may therefore need a case to get the best out of this phone. A screen protector is also not out of place. As a form of precaution, It is better to consider using a quality case with this phone. Otter box case may be good for this purpose.


Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone but needs improvements. If you can take good care of the phone and you don't mind the few shortcomings it has, then this phone is worthy of buying.


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