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What all things we can do with S40 nokia handsets?

Updated on June 15, 2012

S40 nokia handsets are java based phones, and the functions are much lesser than that of the other higher class handsets. But don’t think that it can be only used for calling and sending messages. Installation of various java applications helps us to make use of the handsets in better ways.

1. Social networking

As we know we are living in a busy world and don’t even have a single minute to spend. And the only mean of communication with friends are mainly done through social networking. There are few application which can be installed in S40 nokia phones to chat or to find new friends all over the world. For this we need only a GPRS enabled handset.



These applications help us to connect Gmail, facebook and twitter friends at the same time.

2. Browser

Other than operamini there are so many browser which can be installed into our S40 nokia handsets. Some browser has advanced features than that of operamini.




3. Games

Most of the peoples spend their free time in playing games. We can download free games from

.Ovi stores

.Mobile 9

.Get jar


4. Painting

Peoples who are interested in painting and making 3d objects in the handset itself can make use of these applications.

.Paintcad: In paintcad we can make mms clip.

.Mobile 3D Studio wax: In this app, we can make 3d object using basic shapes such as box, cylinder and cone.

5. Ringtone

This application helps us to make ringtone in our handset.

.Tone Composer

6. File manager

File manager is one of the application which help us to hide our precious photos and videos from others with a password.

.File manager

7. Dictionary

We can download dictionary for our handset from getjar.

.Student dictionary: The dictionary I liked the most.

8. Torrent downloader

Can we download torrent file using our S40 handset? The answer is yes. Using this application we can download torrent files.


9. Modem

We can also use our handset as a modem to access internet.


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