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What are Apple Apps?

Updated on September 13, 2012
Apps on an Apple iPhone
Apps on an Apple iPhone | Source

An Apple app is an application developed to extend the functionality of Apple devices. These software applications are generally developed by companies other than Apple are are specifically designed for use on Apple devices. Apps allow the device to perform specific tasks that the user wants or needs.

There are hundreds of thousands of Apple Apps available with everything from maps, weather, reading, games, photography, entertainments, business and finance related apps. Many app developers have used them for marketing purposes and many Magazines, Newspapers and Website also have their own apps available at the App store which allow their content to be easily accessed on an Apple Device. Apps help to make Apple Devices more desirable and a must have tool for many users who want instant access to information and software to perform specific tasks.

The "What's Hot" section of the App Store, viewed on an iPhone
The "What's Hot" section of the App Store, viewed on an iPhone | Source
App Updates on the App Store
App Updates on the App Store | Source

Where do I get Apps?

Apple devices come pre-installed with Apple created applications, however, apps are also available for download through the Apple App Store - which comes pre-installed on all Apple Devices. An Apple ID is required for download and use of Apple Apps and is easily created when a new Apple device is set up. These apps are either free or users pay a small fee for the purchase of the app, which is then downloaded to their Apple Device.

Once in the App Store, you can choose Apps via different categories or you can search for a specific app or topic. There are also different sections of the App store which allow you to browse different apps, these include featured apps, top charts and genius recommendations. Genius Recommendations finds apps that you may be interested in by looking at the apps you have already installed. Apple has made the Apps in their App Store easier to find by allowing you to sort them by category, release date, customer rating, price and device. Apple also promotes different apps through their website and various Social Media channels.

Apple App developers are constantly improving and enhancing their apps to make them better for users. When Apps you have installed to your Apple Device are updated by the Developer, the Apple App Store will show that an update is available. These updates are easily downloaded one at a time or all at once to ensure you always have the latest version.

How Can I Create Apps for Apple Devices?

Individuals can develop their own iPhone Apps by downloading the Apple Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) to create the app and an iPhone simulator to test it, however, Apple maintains strict control over what applications are available for download for Apple Devices. All developers who wish to submit an application to sell their App via the Apple App Store must register with Apple and pay a fee, the app then goes through the approval process and if it is accepted, the developer and Apple then share the revenue of any sales. Apple will reject any apps that are deemed inappropriate, un-useful or not entertaining and even accepted apps may be removed if complaints are made after their sale.

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    • kissayer profile image

      Kristy Sayer 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Thank you! Good luck with your iPod touch!

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 5 years ago

      Thanks Kristy for a great hub. I haven't used any apps for my Itouch, I am too busy trying to conquer the games I download. When it comes to apps, I usually ask my kids. But now I might tackle this myself. Thanks for the info. Rated up and useful.