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What are Laptop Trolley Bags? Your resource for the Top 5 Best Laptop Trolley Bags on the Internet

Updated on July 20, 2009

The Best Trolley Bags on the Market

Laptops are becoming more and more popular in the field of business and everyday life. The role they play is of great importance for anyone who needs to handle business on the go. With a laptop trolley bag you can truly bring your office with you. This article will discuss 5 trolley laptop bags that are on the market today.

What is a trolley laptop bag?

A trolley laptop bag shares the same purpose as a regular laptop case but it offers more features. The main difference compared to laptop cases is the space that they make available. The bags have enough space for even a printer to fit comfortably. Trolley bags are designed to have a place for any laptop accessory. The bags also have wheels which is another great feature. With the use of wheels it makes it great for people who plan on traveling. Business persons tend to prefer this bag as it allows comfort, ease, and efficiency.

Kipling Alcatraz Trolley Rollinng Backpack

  • Relatively Large Size
  • Can double as a suitcase and Laptop Bag
  • For it's carrying capacity, the bag is relatively light
  • Bag is also water resistant
  • Mid-range in cost when compared with other Laptop Trolley Bags

Black Tucano Trolley Vado Computer Bag

  • Can hold a Laptop up to 15.4 in length
  • Has a specially designed system for absorbing contact
  • Zipped pocked also doubles as a specialized strap for carrying the bag
  • Pricing a bit higher than other Trolley Bags in this segment
  • One of the most Lightweight bags on the market


Royce Leather Trolley Duffel

  • Known for its huge spacious compartments
  • Remains relatively lightweight at 9.2 pounds
  • Made of Italian Leather
  • One of the sturdiest designed bags on the market
  • Bag is one of the easiest Trolley Bags to Store due to design

Embassytrade Leather Trolley Case

  • Out of all the bags reviewed has the best pricing
  • Features a moderate shipping weight of nearly 7 pounds
  • Has many pockets for storage and the pulling handle known in nearly all Trolley Bags
  • The bag is 21" long

Icon Checkpoint Friendly Brief with Trolley Strap

  • One of the cheaper bags reviewed
  • I actually own this bag, It's great for going through all checkpoints at Airports
  • Also features detachable shoulder strap for carrying
  • Extremely spacious for the 15.4" laptop
  • This bag features plenty of padding.

Laptop Trolley Bag - The new Fashion Statement in the Notebook world

Do you prefer the Laptop Trolley Bag or Traditional Laptop Bag?

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    • profile image

      Lala 3 years ago

      oh, wowwww! i love them.. they're the kind that i get from the ltltie sweet shop on the pier, they use those ltltie paper bags, and i always save them. where did you buy them from? :)

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 8 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Toss up for me but I like the rolling one. I just bought a cheap one when I bought my Apple laptop. Useful info in case I want to upgrade, as it doesn't hold much stuff in it. Thx.