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What are The 5 Best Things To Buy on eBay Under $10?

Updated on June 12, 2014

Buying something under $10 on eBay

Only have $10 to buy something interesting, or perhaps for a gift? Look no further than eBay! If you can't find it for cheap on eBay, you're probably out of luck, so check this list first!

It happens all the time, you need to get a gift for a friend or colleague, but you don't want to spend too much money, but you also want to find something a bit unique or quirky. $10 might be all you can spare or are willing to spend, but don't feel like a cheapskate just yet, because there are plenty of things on eBay you can find that are not only cheap and under $10, but are also unique and often quirky too!

Just make sure to double check how much the shipping costs are to your address, as you might have a little surprise at the end if not! Many of the items here have free shipping included, so that's just an added bonus!

#1 - Watches on eBay

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of cheap watches on eBay, with as many kinds of styles and colours as you could imagine for both men and women. Watches are a great item to purchase on eBay as there is such a huge variety and you're able to get some great authentic watches through bidding if you're lucky!

Most watches are in the $5 - $25 range for a decent, non-name brand watch

Things to check:

  • Where the movement was made: Japan and Swiss made movements are king
  • What the glass is made of: Quartz crystal is a great hard-wearing and almost scratch-proof surface in modern day watches
  • Does it have batteries: Does it come with a watch battery, or will you need to purchase one?

#2 - Scarves on eBay

Scarves are another great gift item, as they can be worn by both men and women and depending on the weight of the scarf, can be used during winter or summer.

A new trend in menswear especially, is seeing the use of scarves in the place of ties as workplaces are becoming less formal, so this could be a great idea if you work in an office that's trying to create a more casual look, whilst still being presentable.

Most scarves are in the $3 - $15 range for a normal length, normal weight scarf

Thing to check:

  • What fabric is used: A great scarf will be made from fabric that doesn't feel itchy! So obvious, but often overlooked. Modal, light cottons and linens, polyester blends and soft wools are all great options, as are cashmere, camel, alpaca etc. but are much too expensive to be bought under $10, let alone under $100.
  • The size: Check how big the scarf is by looking for the dimensions. Some scarves are perfect to have dangling over your shoulders, but aren't suitable to be wrapped around your neck so make sure you check. 1.5 m is a reasonable length, although they can be much longer!

#3 - Pens on eBay

I'm a sucker for pens on eBay. You can get great pens on eBay for easily under $10, and my favourite of the bunch are fountain pens! They often come with free ink refills too, so it's even great value for money. You can also find a whole assortment on normal rollerball pens and ink pens on eBay too, so don't worry.

I find fountain pens are great on eBay because you can buy a whole bunch and use them as if they were disposable (you'll find you keep them all, but the fact that they're so cheap will mean you actually use them as opposed to keeping them on display).

Although obviously not as good as a $5,000 fountain pen, it does it's job well enough!

Most pens are in the range of $7 - $30 for a normal quality, non-branded pen and if it's a fountain pen, will often have 2-5 free refill cartridges added in.

Things to check:

  • What kind of pen it is: Do you want a rollerball, like a Bic pen, or perhaps an ink pen, such as something Artline is known for, or, perhaps a fountain pen, which needs ink refills are requires you to clean the pen every so often?
  • What kind of ink: Make sure to check the colour and kind of ink that's used. If you're using it for drawing and want to display them around the house, make sure the ink is colourfast, otherwise all you'll be left with in a year or two will be faded lines on some paper.
  • The size of the pen: This is a big one, as often the pen might be a miniature pen and looks the right proportions in the picture. Double-check and make sure you get a pen the size you want!

#4 - Sunglasses on eBay

Sunglasses are such a nice gift, because it's often one of those things that you want to get but just never bothered to do so, or, were just too expensive to justify at the time. Well, if they're under $10, you've got no excuse now, especially with free shipping on most!

Many of your name-brand sunglasses are produced in the factories that the knock-off versions are made from. Sure, not with the same quality and definitely not the same price tag, but the design and styling are often remarkably similar and for those of you wanting something under $10, here's where to get some.

If you need sunglasses for work, check if they have any UV protection as some do in fact have a coating of UV protection on the lenses which is great, but for serious all-weather lenses I'd recommend saving your money on a pair from an optometry just to be safe.

Most sunglasses are in the range of $5 - $20 for your basic, non-name brand replica sunglasses and often come with a free micro-fibre cloth for cleaning the lens.

Things to check:

  • The size of the glasses: Make sure you check the dimensions on the glasses you're looking to buy, as glasses too big or too small would not look good and you'll end up not wearing them! Check with a pair you or a friend owns, or just measure the relevant areas on your own face.
  • The colour of the lenses: With a lot of these listings, it's the same product and you choose the lens colour you want, so make sure you've got the one you actually want to buy before going ahead and confirming the purchase.

#5 - Electronic Accessories on eBay

Electronic accessories are such a huge market on eBay, you can find almost anything you could dream of attaching or customizing your items with.

The great thing about eBay is that it caters to not only the bigger name-brands such as Apple and Samsung, but also to the smaller brands like Motorola, Blackberry and Nokia.

The items here are significantly cheaper than what you'd pay for a similar item in a physical store and you'd be crazy not to have a look at what's on offer!

Most electronic accessories are in the range of $2 - $50 depending on how technical your accessory is.

Things to check:

  • The model it's suited for: Always make sure you know what model this accessory was designed for, as you may find that you bought something that was never intended to actually work with your electronic device.


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The 5 best things to buy on eBay under $10

So, as you can see, there's a great amount of variety in regards to what you can purchase for under $10 on eBay and obviously the range of products available is almost inexhaustible as you increase your price range.

The ability to purchase items via bidding helps keep the costs down if you're lucky, and many of the items also have free shipping too so it's a win-win.

To recap, the 5 items that are great to buy on eBay under $10 are:

  • 1 - Watches
  • 2 - Scarves
  • 3 - Pens
  • 4 - Sunglasses
  • 5 - Electronic Accessories

On the other hand, if you're looking for something a bit more expensive, but definitely more unique, click here!

© 2014 James Steadman

What are things you like buying under $10 on eBay?

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