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What are the Computer Formats and Non- Computer Formats?

Updated on February 24, 2010

What are the Computer Formats and Non- Computer Formats?

There are many Computer formats which are as follows:-
1.PDF:- PDF stands for portable document format. It is the file format which can be converted into any other file formats while needed.
2.Electronic braillle:- It is a type of braille which can be represented in the form of dots with a thick pin of an electronic device which moves up and down. It can further be transformed into plain text.
3.Daisy or DTB:- Daisy which is also known as DTB stands for digital talking books. Daisy is a digital format which is similar to HTML format. Daisy files consist of text, audio only or both text and audio. It can be translated into HTML or plain text while it is required by the user.
4.HTML:- HTML stands for hyper text markup language. It is used for creating web pages. HTML can be converted into plain text whenever needed.
5.Rich Text Format(RTF):- It is similar to plain text but it shows italics as which you will not able to see in plain text. It can be read by almost all word processors. You can further translate rtf files into plain text files.
6.Plain Text:- It is having no italics, no bold or tabs that is why it is said to be plain. It can be read by all word processors.
7.Electronic text:- It is also known as e-text. Any type of text which can be read on computer or on our systems is called electronic text.
8.Digital audio:- CD is the example of Digital audio. It is a type of audio which can be played on the computer.

The three types of Non- Computer Formats are as follows:-
1.Analog Audio:- Recorded books are one of the example of Analog Audio. In this we can record the text which can be spoken by a human. There are two types of audio cassettes.
2.Braille:- It is the way which is used by blind people to read text with the help of fingertips.
3.Large Print:- it is used by partially sighted readers.

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