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What are the Security Features of The iPhone?

Updated on June 19, 2011

The iPhone is the preferred smart phone used by many Americans, as well as customers in other countries. It is a functional and easy-to-use device that can be used not only as a cell phone, but also for many other features, such as personal management, taking pictures, videos, etc.

Because of the wealth of information that can be stored in an iPhone, it is important to think about the security of this device. Any smart phone that can store as much personal information as the iPhone can become a target for malicious people, that may want to stole your information or compromise your security in some way.

To minimize the security risks posed by the use of a smart device that stores personal information, Apple decided to introduce a number of features that together provide a strong security mechanism for the iPhone and its users. With the security features of the iPhone, one can have some assurance that the information stored on the phone is secure, even if the device is lost or even stolen. With some of the features introduced by Aple, users can make sure that the information will be read only by people that authorized to use the phone.

Some of the security features existent on the iPhone include the following:

  • Geo location: if you enable geo location on the iPhone, it will automatically track the location of the device as it moves. If you lose you iPhone, you can use Geo location in combination with the service Mobile.Me, provided by Apple, to locate you cell phone. Using Mobile.Me, you can pinpoint exactly where the iPhone is located, as long as it is workig properly.
  • Auto erase: another feature that you may want to use is auto erasure. With this feature, if you ever lose you iPhone and want to make sure that no one will read its content, you can remotely ask that Apple erase all its content. Once this is done, no information will be available for others. The owner of the iPhone can always recover the erased data from the backup information located in the desktop. It is a quick and easy way to avoid people getting information that is confidential.
  • Data encription: the iPhone has now the option to store encripted information. This is useful specially for confidential corporate data that can be made available only for the users that have password-protected access to the device.

With these security features, it is much easier to use the iPhone as a personal management device, knowing that you have a level of security. With these features, Apple makes it even easier for customers of all types to adopt the new iPhone.

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