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What are the most important parts of an airplane?

Updated on February 18, 2016

While it might be laughable to ask "what are the most important parts of an airplane?", the truth is that not everyone could tell you just how they can achieve such amazing feats.

There are actually thousands of parts which all play their part in keeping us aloft. However breaking all of these down is futile. All we really need to know is how do planes stay in the air and just how do they know where they're going?

1. Wings

Obviously, an airplane's wings are one of the most unique, important and defining parts of its design. Wings not only keep the plane in the air and provide manoeuvrability, but they also carry the majority of the plane's fuel.

2. Engines

Aircraft engines are what powers it forwards and eventually leads us to flight. There are several kinds of different propulsion engines, but the ones that spring to mind in aircraft are jet engines - capable of a massive amount of thrust for large planes - and turboprop engines for use on small subsonic, large military or civil aircraft.

3. Tail

A tail provides even more ability for turning and bearing. It keeps the plane stable whilst in flight and adds to the planes' aerodynamics.

4. Fuselage

The fuselage is a key component in the plane - as is the main body, which acts as the connection for all other aspects of the plane. It is also where people or cargo is located; our main reason for flying in the first place. Cabins and cockpits are pressurised to cope with the difference in pressure outside of the plane.

It is also in the cockpit where pilots operate the plane and where flight radar tracking technology lies, so that planes know can track their course.

5. Landing gear

Every plane that wants to have a safe and comfortable take-off or landing needs some kind of landing gear. These are most often wheels - which tuck into the vessel when in flight - but can sometimes be skis in snowy conditions, or floats on water.


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