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What are the types of laptop stands?

Updated on March 13, 2012
Logitech Alto Notebook stand with keyboard
Logitech Alto Notebook stand with keyboard


Laptop stands are amongst the most boring ‘gadgets’ on the planet, that’s a given, nothing we can do to change that but they’re also amongst the most neglected laptop accessories on the planet because without them we’re cursed to have health problems including neck and back pains, carpel tunnel syndrome due to incorrect hand placement while typing and many other things related to a bad sitting position while using a laptop whenever and wherever we please.

A laptop stand helps make things more confortable for our bodies by simulating a ‘desktop’ like environment for us while using a mobile computer on any other place than a desk. Even then we need something to bring laptops to the same level as our once beloved and forgotten desktop computer.

In this short article I’ll try and explain the main types of stands for laptop computers for you, thus helping make a good purchasing decision if you’re using a laptop more than a few hours a day:

Types of laptop stands

  • Laptop stands for desk use: those are the ones you need if you’re truly replacing a desktop computer with a notebook and by that I mean using it on a flat surface while seating on an office chair. This type of use needs a laptop desk stand that will raise the screen closer to the level of your eyes and will put the keyboard on such an angle that you’re hands (arms and palms) will form a straight line, lowering the probabilty for carpel tunnel syndrome usually associated with heavy typists
  • Portable laptop stands: are the ones you use while travelling or if you often change the play you’re using the laptop. Some of them are easy to pack to carry even outside your house but don’t expect true portability.
  • Rolling desktop stands: are like mobile desks and feature wheels to help move around the office/house and can be adjusted to the level you’re sitting at a given time.
  • Cooling laptop stands: are the ones that include fans for preventing the bottom of your laptop from heating too much during operation. This type of laptop stands are using one or more fans with manual/automatic fan speed adjustment or no adjustment at all so keep this in mind while shopping and try and buy something silent. Fans power via USB so no worries here.
  • Peripheral laptop stands: are more complex stands which include peripherals like stereo speaker, webcams, USB ports and so on. Expect them to be more expensive but not that powerful (especially the ones with speakers) as they power via USB which allows for a pretty low ammount of power to through.

Logitech Alto review


This are the 5 most common types of laptop stands but there are also combinations of those. All you have to keep in mind while looking for one online is to get first a clue about the place you’ll be using your laptop the most and then shop for something suitable.


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