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What does the future hold for technology?

Updated on March 23, 2015

The Future

In today’s modern society, we are completely surrounded by technology. In practically every single thing we do, we are using technology. Whether it be sleeping in a bed, walking on carpet, driving a car, riding the bus, or even eating. You may not think of a fork as a piece of technology, but at one point there were no forks to eat with. So, when the fork was invented, it was the latest technology in eating. This applies to everything that isn’t just a piece of pure nature. You have to start somewhere! Every day there are more and more technological advancements in our society. The question is, what’s next? How can we make our lives even more efficient than they already are? What could we possibly do to make life easier for ourselves?

Think about something we use everyday, like let’s say a personal computer. What will a computer be like in 50 years? Every day computers are getting thinner, more powerful, smarter, and cheaper. In today’s world, many people don’t even own and operate a desktop computer. They have laptops that are faster and more portable than ever. But even laptops are getting pushed out of the market. Many people don’t have any sort of laptop or desktop computer. They just have their ultra-portable tablet devices that can do everything their computer does, but without the keyboard and the mouse.1 But what’s next?

I can say with pride that what we see as a computer today, won’t even exist in 15 years. The personal tablets? Those are not likely to be around after another 20 or 30 years. Computers laptops, and tablets will be completely replaced by cell phones.1 Smart phones today are already catching up to be able to do everything a computer can do, but are so portable that they fit in your pocket. Cell phones will be able to be plugged into external wall or table monitors in all sorts of places allowing your workspace to be bigger and better, so you can increase productivity and decrease frustration. They will be incredibly simple to use as they will feature smooth easy to use touch controls. You can take your phone from your pocket, put it on the table, press a button, and bam! Your phones screen just increased 50 times in size! Seeings as they are all touch controls, there likely won’t be any sort of external cursor device like a mouse. But what about a keyboard? Whenever you are in need to type something in your phone, a keyboard will appear as part of your screen letting you type your emails, text messages, whatever. Will you even need the keyboard though?1

Phones will have full voice and facial recognition. You can simply say out loud what you want your phone to write down for you, and it will write it in the most proper and sophisticated ways. It will correct your mistakes automatically. Not like auto-correct and spell check things like we have on computers today. It will know what you meant to say, and fix your mistakes accordingly. Writing an essay like this one? I wouldn’t have to touch a single key, proofread a single thing. It will already be perfect by the time I am done. No more spending hours proofreading and making sure that your essay is mistake free. Scanning or copying a photo or printed document will be as easy as placing the item on the table and pressing scan. Or better yet, saying it. All of your music, movies, documents, will be with you all of the time.1 Want to watch a movie? It’s on your phone. Want to make the movie bigger? Put it on your wall and watch the screen go from 4 inches, to 80 inches. Phones will be able to automatically charge when they are connected to walls, desks, and other docking stations. This will ensure that we can always have a charge. Schools and universities will share the same technologies with their desks that become your screen, turning your desk into your textbook. Reading books will be a thing of the past. Your phone will have all of your books stored on it, ready to be read at any time. You will be able to easily increase the size of the text in your book, so that you can read it with ease if you have poor vision. People with glasses will be able to set their phones so that they can view them without their glasses. The phone will adjust itself to your specific eyesight.

Credit cards and cash will be a thing of the past. Your phone will have your personal I.D., credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and anything else you can imagine having in your wallet will be there ready to use at any given moment.1 Your phone will know if somebody else has hold of it that shouldn’t, and shut itself down. It won’t work unless you’re recognized face voice and fingerprints are operating it. What if you break your phone? All of your information is lost! Nope. Even today there are already technologies that automatically save your files to external storage devices that you don’t even need to have in your house. They will be stockpiled in warehouses almost like a bank. Everyone of proper age (8 or older) will have a phone. They can be used to track criminals, and find missing people who have been lost or kidnapped.

People likely won’t even be going to school with such technology. Teachers lectures will be brought right to their phone, so that they can attend lectures from anywhere. Teachers for a specific course will be able to connect to an unlimited amount of students. You will be able to tell your phone where you want to go with your car, and it will take control of your car and automatically take you where you want to go. This will prevent accidents, maximize speed and road efficiency, and allow you to do other things like, listen to lectures, attend business meetings, or even watch movies while your car takes you safely to your destination. This will maximize work productivity, and give us time to do our work while in situations where we otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Speaking of cars, what will be powering them when we run out of our precious fossil fuels? Are we ever going to find something that works, isn’t hard on the environment, and within our price range? One of the biggest issues we are facing in our lives today is the depletion of our main source of power and transportation. If you think about it, fossil fuels power pretty much everything we do in today’s modern society. Transportation, power, and warmth. Without these things, we are practically cavemen. There are many types of fuels being researched today that are being tested, so that when the time comes, they can keep the ball rolling. Fossil fuel is very useful, and we have gotten by on it for a long time. But, by using it, we are constantly harming the planet we live on. Every time you use your car, or turn on the heater, you are contributing to the whole that is being torn into the earths o-zone layer. In 50 years, we will be using a source of energy that will likely be close to completely environmentally friendly, and cheap to reproduce. I think it’s hard to say at this point what will for sure be the thing to replace fossil fuels and be totally perfect, but recent technology in biofuels seem to me, like they will soon be good enough to replace it all.2

Bio diesel fuel in my opinion, is the most promising idea for replacing fossil fuels. Bio Diesel does almost no harm to the environment, and doesn’t produce C02 that is harmful to our own existence as human beings. Bio diesel is remarkable because you can take something as simple as old vegetable oil, process it, and it will work in a diesel powered engine. It would be so easy for our society to make a switch to bio diesel, because all you need to use it is a diesel powered engine. How does this make it easy? Most people don’t even own a diesel powered car. It’s easy because it is much easier to build a diesel conversion kit for a car, than to replace every car in the entire world with something like electric cars which are overpriced and are not even a viable solution to the problem as of now. But lets not bash other ideas, lets talk about bio diesel!

Bio diesel is cheap, it’s recycled, and it will create TONS of jobs. People see vegetables today as something you don’t want to eat, but have to. Soon, vegetables will be powering our world! Your mother was right wasn’t she? With bio diesel, thousands of farming and bio diesel processing jobs will become available. You can even create bio diesel from sea algae that grows much faster than any plants or crops we grow above land. You are using nature, to promote technology. What we have here is fuel that is inexpensive, more powerful than fossil fuels, good for the environment, and stimulative to the economy. Best of all, we don’t need to produce a brand new fleet of automobiles to replace the old ones, because we can use the same ones. We will be using the same ones. It will be a smooth easy transition that will better the world we live in.3

Alternative fuels such as biodiesel will without doubt be implemented in the future, and advancements to technology will likely skyrocket as a result. More power means more goods to be processed for cheaper, more innovative ideas that require lots of power, and a healthier earth for all of us. Also, the advancements that will occur in computing will make our lives easier than ever with their ability to operate machinery, vehicles, and help keep us safe and connected with one another.

The home of tomorrow’s changes in technology will for the most place, very between place to place. Suburb and rural homes will still be open, with multiple rooms and basic floor plans. However, city apartments and condos will feature high technology rooms that that serve many purposes and can change completely at the press of a button. More luxurious apartments will likely be the size of an average 2-3 bedroom apartment, but the space will be so well utilized, it will feel like you are living in a mansion. Cheaper apartments will usually have 1 room and a bathroom and feature the same amount of functions the other apartments do, just with less rooms and space. All of these homes will feature touch screen technology all over the walls. You can turn any wall into a television simply by plugging your phone into it. Except, you don’t need to plug it in. Because all of the connections are wireless. Homes will be smart, and be able to communicate with you. You can simply say things like, “House, I need you to wake me up at 6:00 AM tomorrow” and it will play an alarm in your bedroom to wake you up.

Hate cleaning your bathrooms? Your home will do that for you too. It will even cook your breakfast in the morning faster than you could imagine yourself doing it. You could wake up every morning knowing that your house would have your cup of coffee ready for you on the kitchen counter. These advancements will allow our everyday lives at home to become much more relaxed. No more working a 14 hour shift, then coming home to work for another couple of hours. Your house has it taken care of, so that you may have your necessary rest, and time for other activities like watching tv, movies, or playing games with your family and friends.4

The lifestyle we will be living in 50 years, will be almost nothing like the life we live today as far as technology and every day tasks. Nobody can say for sure whether life will really be like this in 50 years, but based on technologies we are seeing developed today, you can make a strong assumption that nearly all of these things will be implemented by the year 2060. I’m excited for the future. I only wish I could still be young when it all happens. But with the technology of tomorrow, maybe I could be young forever! Wouldn’t that be nice.

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      Carmenza 2 years ago

      Hi,I have a 2002 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCI. Recently it has lost a lot of power. It is pulls away slowly even thgouh my foot is flat on the floor. It is also struggles to maintain 70mph in 5th gear if there is even a slight incline I have to drop it into 4th.I've taken it to my local garage who couldn't diagnose any problems, althgouh they said they didn't have the right equipment for diesels. They replaced the fuel filter but this hasn't made any difference.Any ideas?Cheers,Andy