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What is BlackBerry Ping?

Updated on January 1, 2014

BlackBerry Ping is a term used to describe the process of getting the attention of another BlackBerry user through the BlackBerry Messenger. This could be for the purpose of instituting a conversation. Users of BlackBerry Smartphone can customized their phone as per the kind of alert they prefer when they are pinged. It could be a vibration, a ringing tone or the phone Screen blinking.

Please note that BlackBerry Ping is different from Short Message Service (SMS) as made available by Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) service providers. Therefore, it is not charged as SMS in terms of cost. However, some network providers would expect users to purchase internet bundle in order for the messenger to work and be charged for internet access. It is free if used in an area where Wi-Fi connectivity is possible, but it has to be activated.

With recent developments as revealed by the CEO of BlackBerry Limited, Thorsten Heins in the Blackberry Live conference 14th May,2013, Pinging will no longer be limited to BlackBerry Smartphone alone before the end of 2013. This is because the firm has decided to make BlackBerry Messenger a multi-platform application. The Application will be made available for iOS and Android before the end of Summer, 2013.

The BlackBerry Messenger is a primary factor for BlackBerry prominence over the years and it apparent dominance of the Smartphone industry before now. Many analysts are of the opinion that making it available on competing hardware manufacturers’ framework is an informed move by the Firm as this could buy back the lost loyalty of its one time customers to its competitors.

Although, other instant messaging outfits such as the Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype etc. are available for download across these various platforms, the BlackBerry Messenger may still gain upper hand as a result of its peculiarities and goodwill .This will probably make the firm achieve its aim. It could also amount to good news for those who could only afford Android based Smartphone to gain access to a desire they probably have nursed for a very long time.

The look of the new BlackBerry-Ping no longer peculiar to BlackBerry gadgets
The look of the new BlackBerry-Ping no longer peculiar to BlackBerry gadgets

How to Ping on BlackBerry Smartphone

In order to send a Ping to a BlackBerry Smartphone there are conditions. The sender and the receiver would have activated BlackBerry Messenger on their phones and more so, they have the contacts of those they wish to Ping stored in their device. Below are additional steps to take:

1. Open BlackBerry Messenger: Click on BlackBerry Messenger Application to get it opened. To ensure you can Ping as fast as possible, place BBM application visibly on the home screen.

2. Open Conversation: To Ping a fellow BlackBerry Smartphone user you have to open up a conversation, locate the person’s identity and click on it.

3. Highlight and Click “PING”: A dialog box will then pop up, hit the Menu Button, it will show options. Highlight and click on “Ping”. It will then show that you have sent a Ping to your contact. You don’t need to type a message when you are sending a Ping. When you send it will appear in the receiving end as PING mostly in red letters. It also depends on the device configuration; a consideration may be given for modifications with updates especially as the messenger goes multi-platform Application.

The recipient have to accept your Ping which is equivalent to an invite for a conversation.If the person is available and accept it, a conversion could ensued.You can ascertain whether your message has been delivered or read by looking for two letter symbols, “D” indicates delivered and “R” means read.

The Application is customized in such a way that when a message is delivered or read, user will know. You will see it if the receiver is typing a reply. The Application can also be configured to express a status of no readiness for a Ping or unavailable.

I think the foregoing proffer answer to the question “What is BlackBerry Ping?” It is pertinent to state that users have to keep abreast with latest developments surrounding the use of the device. This subject in the past few weeks is making headlines in international media publications and has been a centre of focus among various commentators on subjects of this sort. The easiest and most authenticated place to get such information is BlackBerry Limited website.


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