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What is Call Parking in VoIP?

Updated on June 25, 2013

Call Parking to Prevent Customer Frustration

We've already seen that VoIP allows you to group employees into separate categories. This makes it easy to redirect calls to a certain department using a simple IVR system. Occasionally however a customer will approach you with a request that you cannot immediately answer. While you can simply forward the call to another extension, you lose control of it after that. If the person you have sent the call to is busy, the customer will simply be redirected to voicemail which will cause frustration and provide poor quality customer service. What you require instead is a system whereby the customer can wait until someone – anyone – is available to help them. And this is what call parking does.

Let's consider the following use case scenario. The business is a retail store and an incoming query comes about the various kinds of basketballs available. While you personally can't answer the question, you know someone who does. But that person is all the way over at the other end of the room and not in their office. What you do in such a situation? You can't simply transfer the customer to their extension because they're not available at the desk. Placing them on hold at your own phone means you can't use it in the meantime. In addition, you probably wouldn't like someone else to have an extended conversation right there at your desk. And this is the exact situation that called parking can help with.

Implementing Call Parking
Implementing Call Parking | Source

Call Parking Use Case Scenario

In the above example, you can simply "park the call" at a certain extension. What this means is that the customer will be put on hold and will hear music or any other preprogrammed message. In the meantime, you put out a call over the intercom or something else to the person who can answer their question. So you say something like "there's a call for you at 502". When they go to their office, they can simply dial 502 and be immediately connected to the caller. This is incredibly efficient if there are a number of people who can answer a particular query without actually being near a phone at any given time.

In short, call parking allows you to efficiently allocate your resources so that your employees can move around freely and at the same time be immediately contacted when necessary. It's easy to see the utility of called parking when you consider that you can even receive calls at a certain extension on your VoIP enabled smartphone. So while you need not make use of all the features of a regular call center, you can certainly provide a similar experience.

Contact an SIP service to find out how easy it is to get started today. Using hosted VoIP calls, you need not build out any infrastructure on your own.


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