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What is Computer and Computer fundamentals

Updated on February 27, 2011

Computer Software

Software is a Set Program or Collection of Data.The software is also defined as a collection of human instructions given to the computer.The Software is again classified in to two.

a) Application Software

b) System Software

a)  Application Software

Application Software is used to run a particular type of application.Example for application software is Accounting Software,Word Processing Software e.t.c...

b) System Software

System Software is an essential part of a computer.For example booting software. This software is used for booting the  computer.

What is Computer Hardware?

The touchable part of the computer is called computer hardware.Some example for the computer hardware is mouse,keyboard,monitor etc...

Functional Units of a Computer Hardware

The computer hardware is mainly classified in to three units.They are

a) Input Unit

b) CPU

c) Output Unit

Computer Flow Chart
Computer Flow Chart

Input Unit

Input Unit is a computer hardware unit Collects data and information from the external source.Example for input unit are mouse,keyboard,scanner,light pen etc...

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Central Processing Unit again divided into three Unit.

a) Memory

b) CU(Control Unit)

c) ALU

a) Memory Unit 

Memory Unit stores data insides the computer Registry

b) Control Unit

Control unit co-ordinates all actions inside the  cPU.

c) ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit)

Inside the ALU all the calculations and logical actions done. For example if you give a mathematical data 3+3 from the input unit it accepted by the CU of the CPU and forwarded to ALU.ALU find appropriate result and given to the out put unit.

Out Put

Out Put unit is a computer hardware program that displays 


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