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What Is Eye Tracking?

Updated on December 31, 2018
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Jeff Zod is an Information Technology expert.He enjoys developing software, surfing the web, hacking, and securing computer systems.

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Eye Tracking

Eye tracking is a process where an eye’s motion or its point of gaze is comprehensively measured. In this regard, the point where an individual is looking is measured relative to his or her head. Eye tracking applies a tool that measures the eye movement or the position of an eye.

The tracking devices are mainly applied in visual systems’ research studies, marketing, and the discipline of psychology. The eye tracking device is a significant device that is characterized by the interaction of computer systems and human beings. The device is also highly applicable in computer designs to process various graphics.

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Eye tracking can be measured in various ways such as search coils, electrooculogram, and video images. In the modern world, eye tracking technology has gained prominence and immense attention. Eye tracking technology can be applied in various uses such as autism diagnoses, improved reading techniques, diagnosing concussions, and marketing. The main challenge of using eye-tracking technology is to ensure one is always accurate when doing the focus.

Also, there are challenges that occur when eye tracking data is being detected. Additionally, there are problems and errors when tracking parameters are being calculated. In this regard, it is highly significant to note that there are constant errors reported when applying eye-tracking technology. The errors are associated with various abnormalities that are associated with the technology.

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Major Challenges and Applications of Eye Tracking

The application of eye tracking technology is challenging because it requires consistent accuracy of focus to be maintained. This is highly problematic because there is the possibility of errors when focusing. Also, eye-tracking technology cannot be applied to volumetric imaging material. There are problems in volumetric imaging when selecting stimulus material (Schirra & Grucza, 2016).

Eye tracking technology can be highly used in conducting research studies of business enterprises. In this regard, eye-tracking technology can help business enterprises to come up with insights concerning human behavior. The technology is relevant in research consultancy and other studies that help companies to make better decisions that are geared to growing their businesses. Eye tracking technology can be applied in carrying out behavioral research to come up with viable conclusions (Horsley, Eliot & Knight, 2013).

Also, scientists use the technology study cognitive and perceptual behaviors of human beings. The research studies can be used to showcase how children develop from birth to adulthood (Schirra & Grucza, 2016). Eye tracking technology plays a highly significant role regarding collecting data regarding how children interact with their environment and people who care for them.

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Eye tracking technology requires that there is maximum accuracy focus to have the desired results which do not happen all the time. Also, there are challenges in volumetric imaging when the stimulus material is being selected. Eye tracking technology is highly applicable in the society such as in research studies, child and infant research, and virtual reality of people.The virtual reality of people is relevant because it enables to investigate the subconscious behaviors and reactions of people.

The technology is highly applicable in numerous disciplines such as neuroscience and psychology. The studies are relevant because they enable both scholars and students to understand the significance of eye movements. Also, eye tracking technology enables people to know how eye movements can be applied to gather information.

In conclusion, eye tracking technology is a modern technique that ensures that the eye movements of an individual are comprehensively measured. The technology is mainly applied in research studies, psychology, and marketing issues. However, eye tracking technology has various challenges such as the lack of a consistent accuracy focus.

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Eye tracking technology is essential because it offers useful insights concerning some scenarios and stimuli that keep recurring (Christopher, Frank & Bradley, 2016). The technology provides useful information regarding the visual attention of a person at a particular time. Also, it highlights the visual factors that cause particular behaviors and responses of people.

Eye tracking technology enhances the experiences of virtual reality. In this case, it enables enhanced natural interactions through eye tracking and gazes. Therefore, it leads to virtual reality experiences that are user-friendly.

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Eye tracking technology cannot be obstructed and is preferred because it is extremely reliable. The technology is usually used to have a deeper understanding of how children behave depending on their eye movements. Eye tracking technology investigates things like spatial relations, language-acquisition, and problem-solving abilities as they relate to children and infants.

The technology is commonly used in the virtual reality of a person’s subconscious behaviors and reactions. In this regard, technology is used to investigate how people interact with various environments and objects. The technology is combined with virtual reality to leverage the benefits the technologies that are involved.

In this regard, it is highly relevant to note that eye-tracking technology can be used to make people understand how eyes can be used to gather information.
Eye tracking technology is highly applicable in child and infant research. In this case, researchers who specialize in child and infant studies apply eye-tracking technology to study the development of social emotions of individuals.

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    • Blond Logic profile image

      Mary Wickison 

      17 months ago from Brazil

      Like Pamela, I too knew very little about it. It sounds like it can be very useful in many different areas.

      A fascinating topic.

    • Erudite Scholar profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeff Zod 

      17 months ago from Nairobi

      Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for reading my article. I am glad to be of help. Eye tracking is relatively new technique. Scientists are just discovering its amazing potential and applications. Already it is being used in the gaming and robotics industries.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 

      17 months ago from Sunny Florida

      I knew very little about eye tracking technology until I read your excellent article. I found this topic to be very interesting.


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