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What is Jailbreaking?What is Cydia

Updated on July 18, 2011

What is Jailbreaking?

Well, it's quite easy to explain really. Jailbreaking is the unlocking of apple mobile devices and setting them free from Apple restrictions(jail and break). It allows to do a barrage of things such as turn your iphone into a WiFi hotspot, download paid appstore apps for 100% free, even download millions of songs for absolutely nothing and then adding them directly to your ipod app. Jailbreaking to me is necessary if you want the full extent of your apple devices abilities. It put's you into a whole new world of entertainment and creativity. Plus, it'd make paying $90.00/a month for AT&T's not-so-good service worth it if I can turn my iPhone into a WiFi hotspot for no charge. Don't you think? Or download thousands of songs for free, even though I pay for my favorite artist Eminem. I give you my word, the first time you jailbreak you iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Apple TV you will always jailbreak your devices and continue until Apple finds a way to stop it. Of course, jailbreaking is completely legal and the only thing Apple can do about it is to patch up the jailbreak code or release a new IOS update. Sounds kind of rude and messed up. They came up with the iPod/iPhone in the first so they'll always sell them for us the jailbreak them. LOL. So I hope you understand what the term Jailbreak means and happy jailbreaking!

What is Cydia?

Cydia is the jailbreak official appstore. With it gives the ability to download and install 3rd party apps and tweaks that can modify your device to the point you don't even recognize your device anymore. The choice is up to you what you download and install, but I recommend the first top choices talked about in my other hub. Cydia was created by the Official Jailbreak Team called the DevTeam. They have jailbroken all IOS software so far and will continue to do so. Even if another team come around I'll always use DevTeams work. In Cydia, there will be thousands of apps there originally, plus you can add your custom sources. Sources are filled with cracked apps that you must pay for in cydia that you get for free, apps made by other developers, and a variety of backgrounds not found at first in cydia. Cydia is way better than Apple's appstore since it only contains apps and not tweaks that modify your device to make it better. This is what Cydia offers. You can download tweaks that add music volume slider to the multitaskbar, brightness slider, or the time, wifi signal, and battery life. If deleting all the opens in the multitaskbar one by one is annoying, theres a tweak that can wipe away all the open apps at once. Handy isn't it. There are all good tweaks in Cydia, my favorite being able to control the controls by setting them under my configuration. Like turning to a different song by holding the up volume button or opening the cydia app by touching the time and date area. This tweak is the most handy and unique, but their are many variations of this app. So jailbreak, have a look around, and you too will cydia like the back of your hand. Have Fun!


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