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What is Optimized Hosting for WordPress and is it Worth it?

Updated on September 16, 2014
Wordpress Hosting
Wordpress Hosting

Nowadays, it’s not just enough to host your website and have a web presence. You need a Wordpress blog and website that displays well and loads really fast. It is in fact, highly recommended that your website’s load speed does not exceed 7-10 seconds on an average internet connection.

This is because more than ever, the search engines are also considering website and page load speeds as a ranking factor. Therefore, apart from a snappy, sophisticated web design, you also need a fast affordable server to host your website or blog on.

This is why you should consider “Optimized Hosting for Wordpress” if you have or are thinking of building a Wordpress blog or site.

Faster Loading Speeds and Maximum Efficiency

Content management systems like Wordpress blogs and sites are generally built for speed and efficiency. But having the added advantage of an optimized hosting package that’s solely dedicated to further improving the website’s speed and performance is like putting the website on steroids.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a simple web page load for over 30 seconds. Nobody has the time for that… at least not in this day and age. A few years ago, maybe people would have tolerated that.

Nowadays, most people will leave your website for a competitor’s, and that’s not something you want to happen.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Don’t have any tech knowledge? No problem. Are you tech-dumb? No worries. Do you hate fiddling with and trying to recode websites? Not to worry. Optimized hosting for Wordpress is actually designed so simply that a 6yr old can use it.

Most providers like BlueHost have particular features that make building and running your WP blog or website a breeze. You’ll typically find features such as MOJO Marketplace which provides a one-click access to every resource you need to improve your site’s performance, ManageWP which helps you effortlessly manage, backup and migrate multiple Wordpress blogs and websites, and a host of other easy to use features.

Access to Support from Wordpress Savvy Staff

As if the above mentioned aren’t enough, most companies offering optimized Wordpress hosting typically have a team of support staff who are incredibly Wordpress savvy.

In other words, you’ll be getting access to highly knowledgeable and experienced staff that will be able to answer all your questions and solve all your Wordpress based problems with ease and within a few hours.

It’s kind of like having access to ultra-high performance Wordpress support specialists. Nothing beats that if you want a fully functioning and smooth running blog or site within minutes.

Highly Scalable and Devoid of “Neighbor Noise”

Apart from yours, the standard shared hosting packages often have many other websites on the same server. While there’s nothing actually wrong with that, the reality is that sometimes, other websites might be involved in shady link schemes which results in some sort of penalty.

In extreme cases, the search engines may actually penalize the IP hosting the websites. Guess what happens when the server’s IP is penalized? Your website will probably take a hit, resulting in lower search engine rankings.

Optimized hosting packages for Wordpress sites on the other hand tend to host your website in the cloud and provides you with a dedicated IP address that belongs to you alone or at the very worst, a very small number of sites.

The reality is that short of getting your own dedicated VPS server –which can be quite pricey, you won’t get the speed, ease, affordability and functionality of an optimized word press hosting package. So, do the smart thing and get one instead of the usually generic hosting packages, and I guarantee that your website will function like a well-oiled, sophisticated, automated beast.


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