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What is Power Point(ppt)?

Updated on April 8, 2010

What is Power Point(ppt)?

Power point:- Power point is a presentation software created by Microsoft. Microsoft developed ms-office package. In this four applications were found like word, excel, power point, ms-access. It is used for making presentations on different fields like business, entertainment, information technology, training, marketing, etc. Here in this templates are available with use of these we can create presentations with adding content on pre formatted templates .

Tools of Power Point:-

Hyperlink:-You can link a document with one document to another document.

Animation properties:- Through this we make presentation more attractive with custom animation. We can apply Animation to fonts and images with this. We move an image, rotate image or fonts. Give different effects on Fonts box, checkerboard, circle, diamond, squares etc.

Clip art & Video and Audio:- We can add images, video and audio files. Use of these we can make our presentations more attractive and informative. With use of Power Point we can show related videos and audios .

Tables and Charts:- Tables and videos can be added in slides.

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