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What is Siamese Cable used for?

Updated on February 15, 2010


Siamese defined means "very similar" or "twins". It usually refers to two things that are the same or have the same intent. The adjective (and noun) have Asian origin and have been used for centuries to describe similar items (ie Siamese cats). Today, this term can refer to cabling that is similar or has a similar purpose when combined together.

Siamese Cats

Siamese Cable

In terms of cable, Siamese Cable is used to run two different types of cabling together. Usually Siamese cable has a power cable and a data cable connected together and used for video surveillance or closed captioned television (CCTV). When connecting a video surveillance system this way, only one cable is needed to simplify the process of laying cable because it provides the audio, video, and power to and from the camera.

Siamese Cable

RG59 Cable example
RG59 Cable example

Where to find Siamese Cable

Siamese Cable is generally found cheap on the Internet or at local hardware stores that specialize in carrying audio/video cables and equipment.

Siamese Cable RG59


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