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What is Split Testing? The Basic Guide to Understanding Split Testing

Updated on March 26, 2013
Split Testing, or A/B Testing, compares two different variants of the same element, and determine which works the best.
Split Testing, or A/B Testing, compares two different variants of the same element, and determine which works the best. | Source

What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a technique used to unleash the true potential of an advertisement or marketing strategy. In its more revolutionized and modernized form, split testing – which is also commonly known as A/B testing – is used to increase the effectiveness of your website. This split testing technique can be applied on various aspects of your website, e.g. landing pages, headlines, call to action, contextual ad placements, Google AdSense program and for increasing the conversion rates of your website.

The Importance of Split Testing: Why Split Testing is Necessary?

A website is only as good as its conversion rate or money-making potential is. If you have a website that sells products, you would like it to convert. If you have a blog that has Google AdSense as its primary source of revenue, then you need these ads to be clicked. Otherwise, you cannot unleash your website’s true earning potential. This is where split testing comes in. If used properly, split testing can successfully renovate, modify and improve your website’s overall effectiveness.

Considering its importance, let’s have a look at some of the core concepts of split testing and how it can be used to increase the effectiveness of your website, landing pages, advertisement programs, online marketing objectives and PPC campaigns.

Quick Definition of Split Testing:

Split Testing, or A/B Testing, compares two different variants of the same element, and determine which works the best.

The Process of Split Testing:

As its name suggests, the process of split testing, ‘splits’ your website into two variants. Both these two variants are usually similar to each other, except the single difference that needs to be tested. For example, in order to check the effectiveness of a landing page’s headline, you can keep the 1st variant totally same, while in the 2nd variant, you can include different tactics.

After a reasonable amount of traffic visitors on both these variants, you will be able to compare and evaluate which variant performed better and converted more. If, for example, the 1st variant did not have a limited-time offer in the headline but the 2nd variant did, and the 2nd variant recorded 20% more sales, you would now know the changings that you will have to make. This is the basic process and objective of split testing.

Split Testing Example

This is a very clear example of Split Testing, which shows two variants of the same landing page.
This is a very clear example of Split Testing, which shows two variants of the same landing page. | Source


What would you like to split test for your website/blog?

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Some Other Objectives of Split Testing:

After learning the basic concept of ‘What is Split Testing?’, it is equally crucial to learn the important objectives of split testing – so you can use it freely, independently and more productively.

Split testing can be used on almost everything – anything that, in your opinion, can be tested and improved. Depending on your methods, several objects of split testing can be achieved. Although the most common objective of split testing is to increase the conversion rate and sales for a website’s landing page, but the following ‘sub-objectives’ can also be achieved in order to improve the overall effectiveness of your website or blog:

  1. Increasing the amount of subscribers for your blogs.
  2. Increase the amount of interaction and participation from your website’s readers.
  3. Identify and lower the bounce rate for your website.
  4. Increase the page-viewing time for your webpages.
  5. Increase your users’ activity, in terms of social media sharing and viral marketing.
  6. Identifying better opportunities in your online PPC campaign.
  7. Paving your way to earn a better ROI (Return on Investment) in your PPC campaign.
  8. Split testing can also be utilized in edging ahead of your competitors in a highly-competitive niche.
  9. Another objective of split testing is to minimize the expenditures and the upkeep costs of your PPC campaigns.
  10. Last, but not the least, one of the most important objectives of split testing is to increase the number of sales by improving the effectiveness of your website, and not by increasing the number of visitors you get.

Right now, you may or may not have to complete all the above-mentioned objectives. However, these are some of the basic things that you can work on to improve the overall effectiveness of your website.

Split Testing an E-mail Marketing Campaign:

If you want to perform split testing – or A/B testing – on your e-mail marketing campaign, it is recommended that you first try your preferred e-mail manager or auto-responder service, as many of the famous ones have their own specified and more targeted tools for split testing an e-mail campaign.

(A tutorial video is posted at the end of this article)

Simple Page Tester - Wordress Plugin for Split Testing


How to Perform Split Testing on your Website? Split Testing Tools:

There are various software and applications that can be used to perform split testing on your website. Some are open-source, while other pieces of software are commercial in nature.

Following is a list of some commonly used split testing tools:

  1. Google Analytics Content Experiments (integrated with Google Analytics)
  2. Visual Website Optimizer
  3. Performable
  4. Optimizely
  5. Easy Website Optimizer
  6. Split Test Calculator, also known as, A/B Test Calculator
  7. Sitespect
  8. A/B Split Testing Plugin for Wordpress


Split testing is an important tool for any blogger, website owner, online entrepreneur or internet marketer. The process of split testing does require a reasonable amount of time and efforts, but you can significantly improve your website’s conversion rates with the help of it.

You can use split testing on almost every aspect of your website. However, as its primary purpose is to increase a website’s conversion rate, it is more extensively used on landing pages. The following article talks in detail about the numerous aspects and different techniques that you can use to increase the effectiveness of your website’s landing page via split testing.

Landing Page Split Testing: Increase the Effectiveness of your Website’s Landing Pages:

In this article, you will find some important techniques and tactics about optimizing landing pages and applying split testing on website's landing pages.

How to Use Split Testing with Aweber - by Jim.


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