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What is Technology?

Updated on March 25, 2012

Several Definitions have been forwarded:

“is the set of tools both hardware (physical) and software that help us think and act better. Technology includes all the objects from pencil and paper to the latest electronic gadget. Electronic and computer technology help use share information and knowledge quickly and efficiently. What was previously slow and tedious is now easier and more realistic.” (

A broader definition from

the material entities created by the application of mental and physical effort to change nature in order to achieve some value”

We can simply define it as “the application of knowledge through innovation to satisfy the ever-changing needs of people”.

Some Types of Technology

Information Technology

Examples of Information Technology include Computers, Scanners, Printers, Software (MS Word), Modems etc …

Electrical Technology e.g. Electricity, Solar panels, Bulbs, Dams etc ….

Nuclear Technology focuses on the powerful reactions of atomic nuclei. Has caused a lot of public concern especially because of Nuclear weapons. Other applications include Nuclear Medicine (e.g. Radiation to view unborn babies in womb)

Other types of Technology include Agriculture, Nanotechnology and Communication Technology (Discussed Next)

Communication Technology

What is Communication? The process of exchanging information between two or more entities usually via a language or symbols known to all the relevant parties

Communication Technology II

From the image, we can deduce that Communication Technology is simply “Technology” that helps us “Communicate” better (Remember Technology definition?)

Examples of Communication Technology include Telephones, Fax, Microphones, Electronic Mail, Chat, Internet etc …


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