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What is TikTok and why everyone goes crazy about it

Updated on January 21, 2019

What is TikTok

In essence, this is the quintessence of Vine, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and other services focused on the format of short videos. In TikTok, users post small 15-minute vertical clips that gain millions of views. These are mainly music videos, comedy sketches, dances, reactions to trends and other activities.

Why social network TikTok so popular

Initially, the Chinese application was a service for editing and publishing short videos to which you could add music. The social network gained popularity outside of China after absorbing a similar application in, a large user base of which automatically became the audience of TikTok.

TikTok occupied a niche of services for the publication of mini-videos, intercepting the audience of the closed Vine and selecting the share of Instagram Stories . The format of short videos with rich editing capabilities is what is called a shot. For example, in the US at the end of 2018, the social network ranked such giants as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram by the number of downloads.

How to use TikTok

In many ways, the platform is very similar to its counterparts, and if you have ever used Snapchat or Instagram Stories, then dealing with the functionality is not difficult. However, there are some differences and nuances in TikTok.

check in

In principle, the application is easy to use without registration, but in this case, you can only scroll through the tape and view popular videos. To subscribe to the interesting dictators, to adjust preferences and to publish content yourself, you will have to register.

As in any other application, it’s enough to connect your VKontakte, Facebook, Google, Twitter , Instagram profile or register using phone or mail. It's simple.

View tape

For navigation within the application, tabs located at the bottom of the screen are used. The main one is tape. Almost all of the space in it is reserved for content: using the buttons at the top, you can switch between subscriptions and recommendations, and to interact with the video, the row of icons on the right is used.

They are responsible for subscribing to the author of the video, likes, comments, as well as sharing on other social networks and invoking a menu with additional functions. In addition to the author's description and hashtags, at the bottom of the screen there is information about the track that is used in the video.

Control in the ribbon is carried out by swipes. Swipe down and up switch videos, and swipe right opens the author's video profile, which displays information about it and other content. By clicking on the button with three points, you can turn on notifications about new user clips, share a link to it, write a private message, and also complain or block.

Notifications and Messages

On the notification tab all your activity is collected. Alerts about new videos and live broadcasts, information about events and trends TikTok, as well as personal messages, in which you can correspond with other users of the social network.


Profile section, like on Instagram, is used to display information about you. In addition to the gallery, published and liked videos, there are statistics on subscribers and likes, description of the profile and the ability to call the application settings. Using the buttons on the top panel, you can add users from the list of contacts and friends in social networks, as well as open a personal QR-code by which other tiktokers can subscribe to you.

Publish a video from the gallery

To upload a finished video to TikTok, you need to select it from the gallery using the icon to the right of the record button. Unlike Instagram Stories, any videos are available here, and you can select one file or several. Once selected, the edit menu opens, where you can rotate the video, crop it, or change the speed.

The next screen is used to add music, filters and stickers, as well as various special effects like slow-mo, shaking, zoom and others. In addition, the video can loop or reverse play. Here is the frame assigned to the cover.

Do you ever record a video for TikTok?

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Final Words

As in any other social network, TikTok has algorithms that, depending on likes and subscriptions, recommend new interesting content and talented users. And, of course, there will always be viral videos and major trends in your feed.


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