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What is Twitter and what does it mean

Updated on May 31, 2009

Why did I write this hub?

Despite of all the information that is on the Internet about Twitter, unfortunately there seems to be a lot of people who still don't know what is it. So do not think that is hub is a copy/paste from somewhere else but what can be said about this wonderful social network is almost the same by everyone. It is simple and powerful in two words.

The things that can be made with it are a different subject, so enjoy and please make your comments!

What is Twitter?

Twitter can be defined as a microblogging social network that allows its users to send personal updates containing only text with a maximum of 140 characters through the official website, SMS, email, instant messaging or through a standalone application for the various and existing Operating Systems.

Twitter can be used to share activities with all users who have their contacts and to follow (follow) their activities.

How can I start twitting?

To begin "tweetting" you must have access to and create a new account. Then like any social network is the time to establish a network of contacts, connect to people who you know and go after their "tweets". You can search by any keyword to find relevant twitters and people with similar interests to follow. Twitter also respects the privacy of its users and allows you to manage who may or may not follow our actions.

After being registered, you log on to the site, in your home page (home) there is a list of all our actions (tweets) and also all the tweets of our contacts.

For further and detailed information about registering on Twitter watch the following movie.

What can I write about?

Twitter is used for various purposes such as promoting the content of a blog, or conversations with the community. You can enter the most serious of all conversations with professionals from the film industry in the morning as well as you can tweet with your friends about your holidays and that just during the afternoon ...

As you can see you can speak about what you what and virtually with who you want.


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