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What is VoIP and how does it Work?

Updated on May 17, 2016

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. This mode of communication is rapidly gaining popularity among individual and business users alike. You probably are aware that VoIP is mainly advantageous when used to make international calls, but what is VoIP? VoIP functions by transmitting signals that are analogue in nature, such as SMS, voice-messaging and fax, into digital signals, which are then sent over the internet rather than through a Public Switched Telephone Network. The preference of this mode of communication over other means is because it offers a cheap, and sometimes free, means to communicate to friends, family and business associates abroad. For a better understanding of the system, here is a brief comparison of VoIP to traditional phone calls.

Circuit Switching

When making a call through regular phone, the call is connected to a circuit switch, also referred to as Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Throughout the call, this system sets up a circuit/channel between the receiver and the caller throughout the call duration. In the early days, the circuit switches functioned by connecting a dedicated copper wire between the two ends. In this case, the caller owned the wire throughout the call duration. Nowadays, this system is a bit digitalized and works on an automated and digitalized electronic switching. A huge disadvantage with this type of system is that it may only be used by one person at a time.

Packet Switching

When making an international call using the VoIP system, you will be using the packed switching system. Instead of keeping the connection open for the entire duration of the call, which is the case with conventional circuit switching; this system opens the connection only when there is data that needs to be sent.

What is VoIP is a subject that has been clarified above and one thing is clear; the system is far more effective in making calls overseas. Another benefit associated with the system is that is cost effective. Whether for personal or business purpose, you need to get the VoIP system from a renowned provider.

VoIP Phones-Allows For Easy Change of Office Locations

One of the desirable aspects of the VoIP Phone system is that it allows for easy office relocation by companies and businesses. In this regard, the user only needs to move the VoIP location, which may be done at any given time. This feature will help save time and lower the department's cost, with regards to relocating the phone system while changing office locations. So, what makes VoIP phone systems easy to relocate?

Automatic Update of E911

When VoIP Phones are shifted to a different location, the E911 system will update itself automatically. Normally, this system scans for changes in phone location on a daily basis, hence will detect when a move has occurred and adjust accordingly. This feature is specifically helpful when contacting emergency responders, such as when dialing 123 or 911. In this regard, the emergency responder will get your actual location when you dial such these numbers.


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