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What is War Driving?

Updated on January 4, 2010

Wireless Security Issue

Okay, you just got your new wireless router hooked up. Things are really cool, now, you can access the Net from outside way in the back yard from under the trees, the kitchen, with no wires. Maybe your a small biz using it to connect your employees to the web. Maybe you are on a remote beach in Hawaii, soaking the rays, sipping Mai Tai's, and connecting to work using the wireless.

Maybe you notice a few oddities in close proximity, like maybe a car or van parked with a weird looking antenna thingy hanging on the outside. Maybe you notice the same from a neighbors window  a couple of houses over. While it seems odd, you think, oh well.

Maybe, just maybe, your newly created wireless for your home is also providing free access to those odd looking antennas. If the antennas are out of a van or car, the antenna is a high-gain antenna linked to a NIC card inside a computer and if an access point is found, they get free Internet access and maybe access to your network (if you are a company). At the very least, the intruders are using valuable wavelength resources from your network. So, take a look around within 50-350 ft (100 yds) or more.

They are out there! 


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