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What is inside the USB? Color Coded Wire?

Updated on March 12, 2015
My Simple USB wire pictorial diagram - Using MS Paint alone
My Simple USB wire pictorial diagram - Using MS Paint alone | Source

USB color code of the four wires inside

USB has been used by almost all PC users today. USB wire with the attached device is used to power or to move or transmit data in and out of your PC and your electronic device.

Most of the common PC devices also used USB port (USB port or slot at the back of your PC).

These common PC devices are keyboard, webcam for PC, mouse, flash drives, card readers, USB powered speakers, external memories (external Hard Drive), video camera, cameras like DSLR and digicams or digital cameras, etc.

From time to time USB wires are torn out which leads to device malfunction.

We tend to move the USB wire every now and then and there it goes the problem.

Loss connection problem arises.

We can minimize our expenses of buying new PC device by knowing and learning what is inside the USB.

We will know how to connect the wires if things happen.

The best is to know the four wires inside the USB.

USB is the acronym of Universal Serial Bus. USB has always four wires.

Four Wires Inside the USB

If we do the skinning (removing the insulator) of the USB wire, we can see four wires with colors.

These are the four colors of a USB wire:

1. RED




Note that these wires have their own code to perform a specific task.

My USB wire skinned and took a photo right on the floor. Observe the USB wire colors inside.
My USB wire skinned and took a photo right on the floor. Observe the USB wire colors inside. | Source

Color Code of USB wires Red, Green, White, Black

RED WIRE inside the USB wire

First, let us tackle the Red wire.

The red wire represents the positive wire to power your electronic device.

It has the 5 volts in direct current or DC.

So this means that all USB devices are always powered by 5 volts from its USB port from your CPU.

BLACK WIRE inside the USB wire

The red wire will not be effective without its pair wire to complete the circuit.

The red wire inside the USB also needs the Black wire.

The Black wire indicates the ground wire or the negative wire. Most devices have black wires as the negative wire.

WHITE WIRE inside the USB wire

Now to transmit data, you need the positive data wire.

This wire serves as the pathway of data while you copy the files from your PC or from your device to your PC.

GREEN WIRE inside the USB wire

Green wire is also very useful because this is the negative data wire.

Data transfer will also take place in this wire which will also complete the circuit of data transmission.

Another set of USB wires inside a USB
Another set of USB wires inside a USB | Source

Another USB wire colors- ORANGE, WHITE, GREEN and BLUE

You can see another set of USB cord of four wires on the photo above.

If this will your USB then try to change the color coding.

Orange is the positive wire here and the amount of voltage pressure in DC is 5 volts.

For negative wire or the ground wire, white wire is used.

Blue wire is now the negative data or the negative transmission of data while green here is the positive data wire.

These data wires are important in moving files to and from your PC.

What are your favorite USB devices?

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© 2013 Mark Johann


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