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What is multi touch technology?

Updated on March 13, 2012


If your grandma ever asks you what is multi touch you can simply answer that it is some kind of technology that lets you directly interact with a screen. However if you ask yourself what is multi touch and want to find out more details about it such an answer will not be satisfying. So what is multi touch technology after all?

Multitouch was of course developed after one touch technology. You would expect one touch technology to be quite new but the truth is that it is surprisingly old. The first researches that brought up such a technology were made back in the 40s. The first touch computer widely available for the public was released almost 30 years ago.

Current trend

Technology has evolved and people figured out one touch screens had many limitations. This is how multi touch appeared. Multi touch screens let the users have the chance to have more inputs on the screen at the same time.

Multi touchscreen tablets are a great enhancement for touch screen technology because they give users greater control. Today many IT devices use multi touch technology. From the famous iPhone to the new iPad or netvertibles and multi touch tablet PCs all use this amazing technology. There are dozens of devices that have touch screens.

Multi touch technology promises to revolutionize the way you control your IT device. It will probably also be more fun. If you are not sure yet if you want to buy a device with multi touch capabilities there are a few things you can do in order to figure out if such a device is or is not suitable for you. One interesting idea would be to search for reviews for different touch screen devices. With this occasion you will also find out which are the highest rated products. If you want to get even closer to multi touch devices before buying one go to your nearest IT shop and ask the sales man to let you test a product you are interested to buy. This will show you if touch screen technology is really worth it (we think it is).

We hope you will decide to test out the innovative touch technology. You will probably never quit it after you start using it. Touch screen technology is a tech for the future.


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