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What is peer to peer network and client server network?

Updated on September 21, 2011

Network Architecture

Network Topology refers to the way in which nodes of a network are linked together. It determine data which may be used between any pair of nodes in the network.

Peer-to-peer Architecture
Peer-to-peer Architecture
Client- Server Architecture
Client- Server Architecture

Peer-to-Peer Architecture:

In peer-to-peer network, computers are connected individually in pair ( one to one connection). There is no dedicated server. All the computers are equal, termed as peers. Each computer on the network has the capability to share data and resources with other computers. In another words there is no central authority that determines the network's resources sharing policy. Each user has the right to decide what he would or would not like to share. Each computer acts as both client and a server. This arrangement is suitable in small office network.

Advantages: Inexpensive, easy setup , easy maintenance

Disadvantages: Low security, Scattering data

Client Server Architecture:

This is a network architecture in which each computer on the network is either a client or a server. Each client (Computer using central resources (server)) is connected to a centrally located dedicated computer called server. Servers are powerful computers, which provide services to other computers. They control data as well as printers and other resource that clients need to access. The server must be faster and more storage capacity to contain all the data, needs to be shared to the clients. There are different types of server.

- File server: Managing files or disk drives

- Print server: To handle printing request

- Communication server: They are setup to handle remote users dialing into your network

- Mail server: Specially setup to handle client's email

Advantages: Centralized security, easy accessibility

Disadvantages: dependent on a administrator , expensive server

Client: Computer that uses the services that a server provides. The client is less powerful than server.

Server: Powerful computer that provides services to other computers on the net


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