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What is superhydrophobic coating?

Updated on January 12, 2017

About superhydrophobic coating

At first place this super hydrophobic coating can resist the water and every heavy liquid. Water on hydrophobic coated surfaces is like a perfect sphere and this allow the liquid drops to glide across the surface and can’t keep on it. No matter what material you will cover, the coating will repel the liquid. It will fall from the object and the surface will stay completely dry. This feature entails many advantages.

Anti wetting

If some surfaces become anti wetting you can avoid many problems. For example if your appliances are hydrophobic and you splash them with water, they won’t burn and cause fire. If kids’ shoes are hydrophobic you will never worry about rain puddles. And speaking of rain, you don’t have to worry about the metal objects in the yard. If the rain can’t reach them, they can’t corrode.

Anti icing

Icing can cause many problems. But if surface can’t be touched by water, they can’t freeze, right? Icicles can be dangerous. If the roofs are hydrophobic, the water will just roll down and icicles won’t be able to show up on the edges of buildings. Even more, electrical transmission lines can’t freeze, therefore, their weigh can’t increases and they can’t tear down.

Anti corrosion

The biggest problem producers faced with their metal products is how to make them resistant to corrosive action. They apply additional layers and defenses, but it doesn’t stop corrosion and only slow it down. Super hydrophobic coating prevents moist air touching the surface of objects, so the metal can’t corrode so easy. The tests prove that super hydrophobic coatings prevent 4 to 6 times better than the coated steel surfaces.

Anti bacterial

If water can’t reach the surface, so bacteria can’t be attached to it, too. This technology was originally tested for hospital applications to prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria. Hospitals, bathrooms, very wet places where mold grows – they are all highly polluted and bacteria-infested areas. But if the surfaces are hydrophobic coated, the bacteria won’t have conditions to develop.

Self cleaning

Even a flat surface to accumulate dust or dirt if it is covered with hydrophobic coating, only a slight stream of water is enough to bring the dirt away. Mold and fungus might be harmful for your health, but if the surface is hydrophobic coated, the bacteria can’t grow on it. Dirt and bacteria can damage the appliances and make them unsafe and unusable.

Ross Nanotechnology's NeverWet superhydrophobic spray-on coating


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    • Prolet Trifonova profile image

      Prolet Trifonova 5 years ago from Bulgaria

      I haven't such information, but I think that this technology has a future both in the home and in industry.

    • profile image

      dkmayo 5 years ago

      Interesting Hub. I wonder if this currently is, or will be used in industrial/commercial applications.

    • ARSHAD MAJID profile image

      ARSHAD MAJID 5 years ago

      Very useful coating indeed and they are worth the price you pay for them, as they preserve metal or specially the expensive wood.