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External Battery Packs for Kindle

Updated on September 22, 2016

I am pretty much married to my kindle paperwhite, so much so that I almost don't go anywhere without it. Ask my friends and they will confirm it whole-heartedly. So when we lost power a couple of days ago because of a bad snowstorm (-11F deg and 11 inches of snow is bad in Indiana), I was totally lost when I found out that my kindle battery was almost depleted!

Now I'll admit that it wasn't to bad because it did last for another 1.5 hours and then our whole family sat down to play a Monopoly game which lasted about 6 hours, (which I won!) but still it made me realize that we can't always have electricity. This fact made me realize that I'm going to have to have a back-up plan. So soon after that horrible day I pushed the power button on my PC, opened up google, and typed in "best battery pack for tablet"...

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A Battery for My Kindle and Tablet!

The reason why I searched for a battery pack that could charge a table is because I wanted something powerful enough to charge a tablet and kindle at the same time. The reason why I wanted something this strong is because I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7 inch), and obviously would like to charge it too from time to time when a power outage occurs.

I wasn't positive that I could find something pocket-size that could also charge a tablet, but I did find a couple of them that are advertised as being able to! The following are the battery packs that I considered buying.

Update 9/22/2016 - After several years of usage and wear and tear, the battery pack (Anker) I originally bought had died. I let it fall quite a few times, and the external shell was getting loose. When I looked for the same model, I couldn't find it. Thus, I believe it's discontinued (R.I.P.).

There is one out there with the same name, it's just shaped differently. It's longer and thinner, and thus I'm inclined to believe that the product got a redesign. Because of this, I currently have the original Anker Astro E5 review still on this page, it just way down at the bottom.

That said, I curre.ntly have 2 battery packs and a 3rd one on the way. The following are the ones that I own and my thought of each.

Jackery Giant+ Premium Portable Charger Review

- 12000 mAh

- 2 ports

- 2.1 amp output

The Jackery Giant+ Premium is definitely not the largest battery I've gotten. In fact, it's probably the smallest. That said, the battery can still charge most tablets, smartphones, and kindles.

If you want an external battery pack for your kindle, this one will definitely suffice. With a 12000 mAh battery, it's definitely not unreasonable to say that it will charge your kindle at least 3 times on a single charge. For those geeks out there, the kindle paperwhite's battery is 1240 mAh. Now, I realize that you can't just divide 12000 by 1240 to get total number of recharges for the kindle paperwhite, but again, it's not unreasonable to expect at least 3.

Sentey Power Bank

- 20800 mAh

- 2 ports

- 2.1 Amp Output

The Sentey 20800 mAh battery pack is the largest I have ever bought as of this moment of writing. It is also my personal favorite, since it can fully charge my tablet about 2.5 times. It is quite a handy thing to have when going car trips, since if I fully charge this external battery pack it will easily mean 12 hours of constant usage for my Android tablet.

The 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has a battery capacity of about 4000 mAh, which is about 3 times larger than the kindle paperwhite's. I'm unsure if this entirely accurate, but using simple mathematics, you would concur that this battery pack could perhaps charge a kindle paperwhite at least 7 times. A technical engineer would probably tell me that this isn't accurate, and would probably give me an equation far to complicated for inclusion in this article. So please, take my figures with a grain of salt.

Anker Astro E5

(Product Redesigned)

- 15000 mAh

- 2 ports

- 3 amp output

My Thoughts and Review of the Anker E5 Battery Pack

When I finally got my Anker Astro E5 from Amazon, it was my brother who found the package first and I geuss he promptly decided that it had to be opened right now. Isn't that typical? Anyway, it's not that I really cared because his initial reaction was actually quite valuable. The first thing he said was, "this thing is heavy."

I do agree with my brother, it is heavy. It is heavier than my kindle, and definitely heavier than any modern cell phone. With that being said, I do believe its weight says a lot about the capacity and quality of this battery pack.

The first thing I did was test it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. The Anker was pretty much fully charged, and the battery in my tablet had only 2% remaining. I promptly plugged it into the 2 amp socket and, much to my dismay, nothing happened. It didn't show that it was charging or anything. Perturbed, I decided for some stupid reason to try it in the 1 amp socket. Voila, this immediately made the tablet give a gratified beep beep, and it was eating the charge hungrily. Go figure! I left it on the whole night, and the next morning my Tablet was fully charged, and the battery pack showed it had 50% of it's charge over. Yay!

Trying it on my Kindle Paperwhite.

The next day I recharged the Anker again to full capacity, and waited until my kindle had the critical battery icon and plugged it into the 2 amp socket. The 2 amp socket worked for the kindle, so I left it in there. 10 minutes later, the exclamation mark on the battery was gone, and replace with a thin sliver of "juice". 30 minutes into the charge and it's about 15% of its full capacity, 1 hr. - 30%, and in about 3 hours time, it's fully charge. This may seem like a long time, but considering that it takes about 2-3 hours to charge the kindle out of a normal wall socket, it's pretty good.

Also notable is the fact that all four LED lights indicating the battery status of the Anker were still on after it charged the kindle. This means that the kindle can be charged at least 8 times from a fully charged Anker, which is impressive in itself!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this bad boy battery pack can charge pretty much anything that takes a USB charger, whether it is a tablet, e-reader, mp3 player, etc.

It is heavy, yes, but you're still able to slip it comfortably in your pocket without having to worry about your pant falling off, and what do you expect from a 15000 MaH battery pack?

© 2014 ProjectResolute

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