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What is the best internet browser?

Updated on February 10, 2012

I suppose this question is only half answerable - i prefer different browsers at different times, and it all depends on what you use the internet for. So, i will split this up into the reasons you may have for browsing the internet, and the browser to use for that occasion.

Simple browsing

If you go on the internet for surfing the web, to just check up on Facebook, or go on Youtube the odd time, or maybe just to Google 'What is the best way to serve chicken', then my two suggestions are as follows:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Both of these are good, however Google Chrome is much faster browsing, and much simpler, whereas Firefox gives you a bit more availability to multi-tasking. My personal preference here would be Chrome, because of its speed, and its easy, simplistic nature, that allows me to search the web without clicking some toolbar accidentally.

Work or heavy browsing

If you use the internet for work, such as ECommerce, website design, or maybe even some office job, then i have (once again) two suggestions. They are:


Mozilla Firefox

And here, i will also not be choosing Firefox, but Opera instead, as Firefox doesn't really speak out too much in either category, it is 'just there'. Opera on the other hand, is very good for multi-tasking, as if you look at the picture on the top right of this review, you will see how you can have a group of tabs open whilst you do one thing, and another one closed while you do something else. For example, I'm checking my CSS code, whilst i go onto a my webhost, and I'm also checking a graphic i may want to put on my site, whereas in the other group i have Youtube, Facebook, and possible some other social networks, that are closed to avoid me getting distracted.

Certain operating systems

If you use a Mac or Windows 7, then you also may have a different choice to make.


Internet Explorer

I am sorry to say it, but Internet Explorer does have one strong point - it links in well with its operating system (only Windows 7), and provides a fluent mix between personal computer work, and internet browsing. This is the same with Safari and Macs (although not on as much of a big scale), and since these are default to their operating system, you don't have to mess about changing your browser, and making something else default.

However, i still think you should focus on the other categories instead of this, as Internet Explorer and Safari don't have too much going for them, with Internet Explorer being just terrible, and Safari doesn't really have many strong points either.

For more reasons to use Chrome, read my 5 reasons why you should convert to Chrome.

For more reasons why not to use Internet Explorer, read my 5 reasons why not to use Internet Explorer.


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    • dannyhodge profile image

      Daniel Hodge 6 years ago from Britain

      Ahh good, its a shame to see people missing out on so much by using Internet Explorer...

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Nice Hub as always, Danny. It took me some convincing to get me off IE, but the moment it's so-called upgrade came along, I found performance literally worse. So yeah, I'm on Chrome now. I'll probably give Firefox a shot sometime soon, but until then, I'm sticking with what I've been recommended. ^^