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What is the iPad?

Updated on May 8, 2011

Hybrid iPhone/Laptop computer

What is the iPad really? Is it a bigger version of the iPhone or are there things about this new device that have yet to be released? By appearance, the phone looks as though it was a larger replica or the iPhone but when getting into detail about its functionabilities, its hard to tell whether or not the device is worth the price. The price is said to start off as $500 per unit. Let's take a look into the device.

So what is the iPad?

The current description is its a hybrid between the iPhone and a Laptop Computer. This device does not have the functionabilities to make calls like the iPhone does, but the iPad can access the internet, use apps, listen to music, watch movies and play games. The device is much too large to be used as a cellular device.

What is the iPad? The Ipad
What is the iPad? The Ipad

Size measurements of the iPad

The iPad is a pretty large device. At the showing of the brand new device, the guy holding it had to grip it with two hands to keep the product in perfect alignment. Here are the official release measurements of the iPad.

Height of iPad: 9.56 Inches or 242.8 MM

Width of iPad: 7.47 Inches or 189.7 MM

Depth of iPad: 0.5 Inches or 13. 4

Weight of iPad: 1.5 Pounds-1.6 Pounds or .68 KG-.73 KG

Screen Size of iPad: 9.7 Inches Diagonal (1024x768 Resolution)

the iPad game apps
the iPad game apps

Great features about this device

The iPad is said to last for 10 hours on a single charge while being used, and up to 30 days on standby.

Additional information about what is the iPad

The iPad is generally based on 3G. Some iPad devices will have 3G built in, which means you will not need WiFi to connect to the internet. The estimated pricing of the device is said to be between the margin of $499 to $829 per unit. Every app in the App Store will work with the iPad.

Many applications will work with the iPad, including the most essential products that all users of the internet will need to have. These apps include web browsers such as Safari, and email clients like Yahoo. Videos, photos, games, maps, books, magazines, calenders, and so much more is available on the iPad. The design has a touch screen with virtual keyboard inside to make web browsing easier.


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      Not a fan of ipad fam!! 

      7 years ago

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Will get one!

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      9 years ago

      fugg this muddaa fuggers i got ooohhhnee ahhwaahhmeeaa

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      this is a wonder

    • marieryan profile image

      Marie Ryan 

      9 years ago from Andalusia, Spain

      I want one, I want one, I want one!

      Great stuff

    • Philipo profile image


      9 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks for sharing.

    • febriedethan profile image


      9 years ago from Indonesia

      I think I'd like to have one of that ! Thank you for sharing.

    • eovery profile image


      9 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      This looks interesting!

      Keep on hubbing!


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