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The Newest Cutting-Edge iPhone and its Features

Updated on November 18, 2017
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Erick is an autistic person who graduated from high school with a regular diploma. He researches autism, science, and technology topics.

This is the iPhone X front view. it features a very bright OLED front screen.
This is the iPhone X front view. it features a very bright OLED front screen. | Source

The Majestic iPhone X

The iPhone X is the 10th anniversary edition of the original iPhone, which was released in 2007 by Apple's late great Steve Jobs. It is a wonderfully intelligent machine fitting inside 5.8 inches of awesomeness. Its bright screen will be the envy of every iPhone from the original to 8.

Here's the Original iPhone below.

On October 22, Apple announced a pre-order of the iPhone X. It was released November 3, 2017 to the public.

This is the original iPhone.
This is the original iPhone. | Source

A List of Features of the iPhone X

1. Its OLED Display

Unlike other iPhones, it features a very bright OLED Display. This enables the user to see, even in the dark. It is also used to impress your friends and everything. I've dreamt of the day where I can own an OLED device for years. That dream was the same dream that got me my quad-core computer. Enough about my dream. OLED means organic light-emitting diode displays. Basically, it's a diode of light taken from organic substances, or filaments, that then gets converted into electricity.

2. Its Phenomenal Contrast Ratio

The iPhone X has taken contrast ratio into consideration. The contrast ratio is 1,000,000:1, meaning that the brightest colors are much brighter and the darkest colors are much darker. That also means that photos stand out. If you're taking a photo of a sunset, and the sunset is orange and yellow, then your iPhone X will display every shade of orange and yellow and different colors will stand out. If you are in a pitch black room, and you post a photo, you will see everything because of the flash and the extreme contrast ratio.

This extreme contrast ratio means that your pictures pop out of the screen. It means that you have more beauty in your photos. Every photo you take is eye-catching and eye-popping. You make the most of your photos.

This is the iPhone X
This is the iPhone X | Source

3. It's Impervious to Water and Dust

Tired of accidentally leaving your old phone in your pocket if you're going to the pool or taking a swim at the beach or going into the sand and accidentally soaking your phone in water or salt or going into an area of heavy dust and dusting your phone? The iPhone X will make those days ancient history, because the creative minds at Apple have made the iPhone X splash, water, and dust-proof. They incorporated cutting-edge technology that'll leave you breathless.

No more water on your phone means you'll never have a soaked phone or a situation where you have to put the phone in dry rice for 72 hours. Those days are, as I mentioned, ancient history. iPhone X's can last forever if you take care of them.

4. You can now Unlock Your iPhone X With Your Face

This is one of my personal favorites. Tired of your sister, bother, nephew, son, daughter, or another person figuring out your password, screen combination, or hacking into your phone? Here's something you have to see to believe. You now can use your face to unlock your iPhone X! Isn't this amazing? What's more, it scans over 1 billion points in your face for mood changes and everything, so even though your mood might change, you can still unlock your phone. The great thing is that nobody else can access your phone while you're away.

Also, the Face Adaptation feature can look at the clothes you wear, as well as your surroundings, and you will never be locked out, because it adapts with you. In fact, the iPhone X is so cutting-edge that my mom bought the phone for herself. However, she's going to need to pay a monthly fee.

In the video below, you'll see twins test the Facial Recognition software of the iPhone X. Will the twins fool the iPhone X's facial recognition software? Watch the video to find out?

Identical Twins try to Trick the iPhone X's Facial Recognition Software. Can They do it?

6. You can now Charge Your Phone Wirelessly and Charge up to 50% in 30 minutes.

The age of charging your phone by cord is over. Now, you can charge your phone wirelessly. Just buy a charging station and you're on your way to wireless charging. You can buy a wireless charging station on Apple and hook it up to your iPhone X. Your iPhone X can also charge fast. Just 30 minutes of charging can get your iPhone up to 50% charge. What better way than to get cutting-edge technology at your fingertips than cutting-edge fast wireless charging?

7. No Home Button

Remember the button that used to be on the bottom of previous iPhones? You know, the one that takes you directly to the iPhone's main page (you know, out of any application you were on)? That button is rendered obsolete as a huge 5.8-inch screen takes up the entire iPhone X. There are no buttons in the iPhone X. Instead, to get to the home button, just tap the bottom of the iPhone X and swipe upwards. It's literally the best thing ever. Now, you don't have to press that annoying button. To get out of an application, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and it'll take you out of the application.

8. An A11 Bionic Chip: Multitasking Made Easy

Tired of having to switch from one application to another, or from the internet to call someone and back to the internet? Now, with the cutting-edge A11 Bionic Chip, you can now multitask on your phone. For instance, you can now be on the internet, and play a game, and call someone, and have multiple apps at the same time. This is all possible thanks to cutting-edge science and technology.

As you can see in this bar graph, The iPhone X is faster than the Samsung Galaxy 8s
As you can see in this bar graph, The iPhone X is faster than the Samsung Galaxy 8s | Source

9. An Extremely Long Battery Life

Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone X has an extremely long battery life. In fact, these batteries can last days without use. The normal talk time is 21 hours, and the normal internet time is 12 hours. That means that you can talk to your friends on the phone or in your new car (talking while driving is dangerous, but if you buy a post-2015 car, you don't actually have to hold your phone on your ear while driving. The phone's speakers can actually let you talk on the phone).

10. It comes With the new iOS 11 Operating System

The New iOS 11 Operating system is the most cutting-edge technology out there. It makes previous iPhones more stable, and the new iPhone X already comes with the iOS 11 operating system, improving security and app improvements.

The iPhone
The iPhone | Source

11. It has Portrait Mode.

Ah, what would we do without portrait mode? The iPhone X has two cameras in the back. This allows for 3D imaging and augmented reality. it combines two cameras to show a lot of action. Best of all, if you have shaky hands, it can automatically stop the photo at just the right moment. Yay! No more blurred photos or low-quality photos. That's right. The photos are now in 4K.

12. It comes in 64 GB and 256 GB Models

With expanding disk space, you might need to put a lot of information in your iPhone X. This piece of technology comes in two sizes, the 64 GB version and the 256 GB version. If you want to maximize your data storage, then go for the 256 GB one, but the 64 GB iPhone X costs $999, while the 256 GB iPhone X costs $1,149.

Note to iPhone X Users

The iPhone X is a game-changing device that'l revolutionize your way of calling, texting and taking photos. As mentioned before, it'll take you to the 2020s before you get there. The future is here.

Summarizing My Points

I believe that the iPhone X has the potential to change the game for iPhone Users. I also think that the iPhone X will make all other iPhones obsolete. With the A11 Bionic Chip, you can multitask and run multiple apps at the same time. Computers are getting smaller. Soon, we'll have a 2 TB iPhone on our hands.

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