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What is the most popular web browser today?

Updated on April 8, 2013

Anybody using a computer in today’s internet based society uses a web browser. Web browser is the primary tool one used to surf through the internet. But did you ever thought about the best web browser? Or the most used web browser? This hub is all about web browser usage statistics.

When we are talking about web browsers a correlated term is the web browser wars. From time to time different web browsers compete each other and dominate the market. This is called the web browser war.

The first web browser war we witnessed is the competition between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator in the early 90s. Internet Explorer was the leading web browser ( or the only popular web browser ) available when Netscape Navigator entered the market. Netscape was successful for some time and then it was changed to Mozilla Foundation for some reason and they launched Mozilla Firefox which is a free and open source web browser. In no time Firefox became a very popular web browser. In the mean time Opera was also able to grab some market share. This the time the Big Internet Company, Google entered the browser market by launching Google Crome. These four are the major browsers at the moment and who is leading?

The leading web browser

According to and to my surprise ( I am sure many of you will agree with me) Internet Explorer is still leading the lot. Just look at the following chart to see the web browser market share according to the data for January 2010.


Geographical differences in the web browser usage

Internet Explorer is clearly leading the others. But in my opinion it is the worst web browser of the group. I have used all these web browsers except Safari, and all of them are working brilliantly in terms of reliability, efficiency ease of use etc. Internet Explorer can’t come at least closer to Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Selecting the browser among these three is just a personal choice as you can rely on any of them.

And the other interesting fact is that web browser usage is country dependent. So let’s now analyze the usage geographically. Following table summarizes county wise prominent web browser of some countries.

Usage share of prominent browser
90% (Internet Explorer)
South Korea
90% (Internet Explorer)
60% (Firefox)
60% (Firefox)
50% (Opera)
35% (Opera)
47% (Chrome)
50% (Chrome)

The most prominent thing about the above table is the Internet Explorer’s dominance in China and South Korea. In the south Korea’s case it is a government’s regulations to use IE in online transactions. China’s situation is not very clear but it is something we should research further as it is the most populated country in the world.

Overall in Europe Firefox is the leading browser now as a result of shifting of some IE fans to chrome.

What is your preferred web browser?

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    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 4 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      Thank you for pointing it out. It was corrected.

    • profile image

      Slav 4 years ago

      Guys there is no country such as "Balarus" change it to Belarus

    • profile image

      sri 5 years ago

      Currently the most used browser is Chrome and IE went down to second place... details:

    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 6 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      Thanks Mike for commenting!

    • mikekingblog profile image

      mikekingblog 6 years ago from Sydney Australia

      Hi there Indika;

      Nicely layed out article.