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What is your type of phone

Updated on April 6, 2012

When it comes to purchasing cell phones, are you the type to want a simple phone or a smart phone? One would think that with so many phones to choose from that it would be easy to know what you would want; however, that isn't the case for so many people. Some people can go through a lot of phones because they need to have each new phone that they come out with.

I can remember a time when I first got phone, it was just a simple phone, nothing spectacular. I was meant for emergencies or so I thought. It happened to be a tracfone because at that time I couldn't afford a phone contract. It was a good phone for the most part, it lasted for about three years, then a new model was presented by Tracfone. So I had to get the new one, and I was happy about it, it was my first flip phone. I decided to pass my old phone on to my dad who needed a phone but you can say he didn't take care of it as I did. Then I had enough money to go with a contract and that made me happy. So I decided to get my first smart phone, and since then I do enjoy smart phones.

The generation I was born in and the others after seem to catch on to the newest technology and adapt pretty well to how to use it. But the older generations are not always open to what the new technology may bring, whether it is computers or even cell phones. Each generation that has been around have grown up in different types of technology. The older generation would say a good old phone is was you need, why use a cell phone when before a person could wait to return phone calls when they got home. Then you have the newest generations that say we need cell phones to keep in contact with others or our friends and family. Every generation seems to have different opinions about technology.

There are simple cell phones, where you just use it to make phone calls, maybe a few text messages. But you are not able to go online or even download applications either because of the phone or the type of service that you may have chosen. If you are only going to make phone calls then it is good to get a simple cell phone.

When it comes to choosing a smart phone, there are so many options now because they come out with new ones all the time. I can remember when I first bought my HTC Thunderbolt, it was the one everyone wanted and after a month or so they came out with a new phone. But I was happy with my phone so I didn't mind others purchasing the newest ones, I was willing to let them check out the new phone that came out. Smart phones are good to have because technically if you think about it, you are taking with you a mobile computer and everything is right in your hands. There are so many applications that you can download, most of them you can get for free or even sometimes you have the pay for the best ones. Smart phones are great to have, but one thing that really one has to be careful with are the data plans that they have to get to be able to download the applications.

So whether you are using your cell phones for simple matters or the many applications that you can download, it just depends what you are looking for. Do you prefer a simple phone or one that you can have everything at hand? Do you like to get a new phone every time they come out with a new one?


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