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What should you consider when upgrading your PC hard drive

Updated on October 20, 2011

ahh,your pc hard drive.Remember when your pc was new, and you saved huge video files, and loads of mp3s, and then loads of documents, and pictures, and you looked at the pie chart of your hard drive space, and it looked like you could store every file on the internet if you wanted to. 2 weeks later you discovered bit torrent, and by the 3rd week, your pc is telling you that you are low on hard drive space! what happened to all that space!

Well lets assume that you have run hard drive cleaning tools, and you have alos deleted all your non required files. How do you upgrade your PC with a new hard drive? Well the first thing you will have to decide is do you want a hard drive replacement, or would you be ok with an external hard drive? The main problem with running out of hard drive space is that your main operating system files, and program files start having problems running. If your data is large things like video files, or huge collections of mp3's, then the best option is to buy an external hard drive, and you then just plug it in via USB, and move all your files across.

This will free up loads of hard drive space on your intenral drive. If you don't like the idea of an extra plugin, or you specifically want to replace the internal hard drive then you will have a little more of a challenge to do this. You still might be better off also buying an external hard drive.

This will allow you to copy all your files and data that you need over to the new drive temporarily while you setup your new intenral hard drive. If you own a laptop, it can be much more difficult to do a hard drive upgrade. Sometimes the hard drives of laptops are securly locked, which means that you can't easily just stick another one, as the PC will be looking for the original hard drive, and refuse to boot up without the original. In this case you will have to get a technitition, and then things will really start to get expensive.

This is only really applicable to the more expensive, andhigh end brand name latops. If you have a cheaper one, then its easier. However, you still have the trouble that opening up the hard drive part of your laptop will give you. Also a hard drive for a laptop is much smaller, and is alot more expensive. If you have a desktop, and people have been slagging you off for the clunky box in the cornor,while they are showing off their shiney laptops, then you can have your revenge here.

After your data has been backed up, you will need to look out your operating system disk, as you will need to re-install your operating system onto your new hard drive. Its normally as easy as just buying a same fitting hard drive as the one you already have. It will be like a SATA, or IDE, and you can just buy a bigger size from the one you have. The good thing about hard drives is that they are alwways getting cheaper, and always getting bigger. You will have to safelyremove your old hard drive, and fit the new one in exactly as before.

When your PC is turned on, it should recognise the drive right away, and if it doesn't you might need the help of a local geek. You should put your operting system disk into your cd drive, and your PC will load all your operting system files on to the new hard drive. Once this is done you will have a new larger pc, and it should also run a bit quicker too. The reason for this is that your PC hard drive is actually used to help store files, and everyhting will feel much slicker. You will also need some time to re-install all your printer driver files, broweser, your camera phone files, and your program files. ITs at this point that all the files that you should have backed up become apparent. Most of the time however you can just fire up your internet Browser, and download them again. Its also a great chance to get all the newest drivers for your devices too.


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