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What smartphone should I buy - Tips to choose the best device for your needs

Updated on June 2, 2013

Learn what items you should take into consideration before purchasing your next smartphone

When you ask to yourself "What smartphone should I buy?" you should remember that buying a new smartphone is a process that requires a little research. Although you can go to a store and pick the first model that someone introduces to you or one that has a promotional price, you should know that there are great chances that you're taking home a device that will not meet your needs.

Likewise, buying the most expensive smartphone on the market can be a bad investment if you do not have the habit to use the full capacity of the hardware and operating system. In some cases, a smartphone with fewer resources is the best choice and the one that best suits your budget.

Below I list some of the items that you should consider before closing the deal and put in your pocket your new smartphone. Think of these tips as an auxiliary tool and not as rigid rules that must be taken literally. In the end, what matters most is to have at hand a device that meets your needs.

The best operating system

Forget the concept of "best operating system". In practice, it doesn´t exist. The question you should ask is "What is the best operating system for me?". And to get that answer, you need to know a bit of the main features of the Operating Systems available on the market.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone have very intuitive and easy to use interfaces.

iPhone´s IOS is stable and it has a large number of applications. With this, all you need to do is start using it, since there are not many customization options, making it ideal for those who do not want to bother.

On the other hand, Android allows greater customization and as each manufacturer and mobile operator may include changes in the interface and applications, it is common to find "different" Androids within the same OS version. In the case of Google´s system, the number of free applications is much higher.

Windows Phone is the newest OS on the market, but it´s as simple to use as its competitors. The greatest disadvantage is the fact that the system has few applications in relation to others. Besides, for those seeking customization, it´s not the best option.

What mobile OS do you prefer?

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Run away from very outdated versions

When you´re thinking about "what smartphone should I buy", you should also think about how long do you plan to keep your smartphone. Of course, the more time the better. However, keep in mind that no device is built to have more than two years of "life". After this period, the hardware is outdated and the operating system may stop receiving updates.

So, stay tuned to the OS version that is present on the device you wish to buy and check if it supports updates. Once you own that information, you should add two more years to the release date of the latest version that the device supports. The result is not exact, but it gives you an idea to what point in the life of the smartphone it can guarantee an utilization without many problems.

What do you expect from a smartphone?

Not everyone is able to buy the best smartphone on the market and, most people don´t even need a very expensive device. Obviously we are talking about a consumer´s dream and it can look like that the more expensive the product, the better for you. But that´s not quite so.

Therefore, before choosing a smartphone, you should first find out what you do expect from it. You will play the "heaviest" games on the market or you will just simply download free apps? You will use many resources, such as Internet access, camera and games or you will just going to basically make and receive calls and send text messages?

If you only need simple features, there is no need to buy an expensive smartphone that, in your hands, will have the same utility of a cheaper model. On the other hand, saving a few dollars and buying a product that is not what you like, can cause you a feeling of dissatisfaction, resulting in premature exchange of the device.

Mobile operator: it can define your purchase

Before you choose which smartphone you want to buy, you should search for a mobile operator. If you already have a plan in any mobile operator, you should remember that this may mean discounts on the purchase of a product and, therefore, your new smartphone may cost less.

If you use a prepaid plan, you still can search for more atractive and cheaper plans. Some mobile operators have occasional promotions where they have low priced smartphones from partner manufacturers. If any of those products meets your needs, you can take this advantage and buy a nice discount smartphone.

Finally, if you´re thinking of buying a "top of the line" smartphone, you should consider the possibility of importing it. In this case, just pay attention to issues such as warranty, since in some cases you may be helpless if something happens.

Information is never too much

The above tips are essential for anyone who´s thinking of "What smartphone should I buy". For those who already own one, it never hurts to remember. However, after defining what will be your next smartphone, you should find more information about it. You can read reviews and user´s opinions from people who have purchased the same smartphone.

It´s impossible to guarantee that your choice will be perfect, after all, there are things you can only discover with daily use of the smartphone. However, assuming that you are choosing a smartphone to meet your needs - and not just because it´s trendy or cheap - the chances of making the right purchase are certainly much higher.


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