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What to buy: a Netbook or a Notebook

Updated on August 22, 2011

If you're planning to buy a new computer it's normal that you're now facing the choice: netbook vs notebook.

Before making your choice you have to define your priorities and ways you're going to use your computer!

When Netbooks came out, their specs were very weak... But nowadays they're getting more and more powerful and can really replace some notebooks! Well, in a certain way...

I still consider them as a secondary notebook. Fantastic for someone who travels a lot, who needs excellent battery time and doesn't do the "heavy stuff".

Most of them lack a DVD/CD drive, so if you plan to play cd's or dvd's on it, just forget it, for me it doesn't make a lot of sense to buy a netbook and then an external cd drive... Their cpu, RAM and graphic card are also much worse than most "regular" notebooks.

But, for example, I now find myself mostly reading my email, surfing on the net, blogging, hubbing, updating my companies website, etc... I really don't use it for much more than this, so I'm really thinking on buying a netbook! I also love to travel with my music, and a few months ago netbooks didn't have a good hard drive... But now, starting at 160GB, It/s plenty enough for me!

But for people who need to edit photos, videos, programming, playing games, etc, a notebook is the right choice!

Also, another key factor is price... Netbooks are much more cheaper than notebooks, so if your budget is not at the current best, they could be a great choice for you!

So please, choose well before buying! Make a list of pros and cons on each model, make a list of your necessities and what you'll use it most for, analyse your budget, see if the keys are not too smal for your hands (don't laugh, lots of people face this problem after buying netbooks, ehehe :)), see if you can read the tiny screen correctly and if it doesn't force your eyes a lot...

Good luck on buying your new computer and please leave me a comment if you think this hub helped you or if you have more things to add!

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