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What to do when Bubblews stop paying you for views 2014

Updated on March 30, 2014

Bubblews used to pay you now they do not

Did Bubblews used to pay you every 72 hours like clockwork? If so and now they have stopped paying do not fret as there are some actions you can take.

Missed payments can be very frustrating if you worked hard to build your Bubblews portfolio to help you earn passive income. In lots of cases members have studied both the Bubblews TOS and their accounts and cannot figure out what they have done wrong.

One of the common complaints and reasons for non payment seems to occur when a member gets an enormous amount of views in a short space of time. Perhaps you shared some of your posts on Facebook and they went viral and Bubblews is refusing to cough up the dollars you are owed. I know of at least two people this happened too. One made a few hundred dollars overnight and you guessed it they never got paid for their views.

But they kept writing and now get all their subsequent payments, others were not as lucky.

Are Bubblews still paying?

How much money has Bubblews failed to pay you?

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Bubblews Redemption Emails are taking longer

Bubblews are still paying me but the redemption emails are taking longer and longer to come through.

I waited almost 6 days for a redemption email this week as opposed to the normal 3 days. I have never waited as long before. Most people are getting theirs within 4 days.

I am not sure what the delay was and whether it was anything to do with the fact I redeemed at the weekend or anything to do with my posts.

I am postulating it was more to do with the fact the site has had so many glitches recently. I am sure there are lots of missed payments as a result.

Are your Bubblews payments being delayed?

How long are your redemption emails taking?

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Money that Bubblews owes you

So what do you do when Bubblews stop paying - Action 1

Possibly the simplest thing you can do is ignore it and keep writing and interacting with your connections. Why would you do this?

You may love writing and you may have built up friendships on Bubblews. Perhaps you see the website as a social network like Facebook and you like to know what is going on in people's everyday lives.

Maybe you live in hope that you will be paid in the future and you will reclaim all your missing payments and to be fair some people do manage this while others do not. You never know you may be the lucky ones, but if you are writing for money to pay the bills and put food on the table you may wish to move onto the next step of action.

Contact Bubblews Support because of missed payments

If you have a missed redemption or several missed redemptions you should email the relevant Bubblews email for clarification.

The email address you need to use is :-

It is a good idea to keep a note of when you redeem so that you only email this address well after 72 hours of redemption. I would recommend waiting 96 hours after clicking the green button as redemption emails seem to be taking longer and longer.

Commonly you will get a response to say they are looking into it and if you have violated TOS they may tell you which rule you broke and which post broke the rule. However sometimes they do not get back to you and then you have no way of knowing what went wrong.

Where will you put your Bubblews posts?

Which site will you repost your Bubblews articles

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Move your content elsewhere

If you have no success getting your failed redemptions paid then you should consider moving your content elsewhere. This means all your hard work will not be lost and you can still earn some dollars.

Please remember that many freelance writing sites like content that is brand new and has not been posted elsewhere. In other words your Bubblews posts will not be welcome on Hubpages, not to mention the fact that they will also be too short.

The good news is that there are other sites that will accept your content. You can repost all your Bubblews posts on Teckler, however from what I have read this site does not pay well. You will be lucky to earn a tenth of what you earned on Bubblews. If they pay though it is better than nothing.

If you have a blog you can move your Bubblews posts there. Bare in mind the more niche specific posts the better. If you have a few niche blogs you could do quite well transferring your posts. I know of a past Bubblews member who moved his posts onto a Instagram niche blog and earned far more from them than he did on Bubblews.

Are you still a happy content Bubblews member receiving regular payments?

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    • Denmarkguy profile image

      Peter Messerschmidt 

      4 years ago from Port Townsend

      I'm not all that active on Bubblews, but I've never had an issue with getting paid, regardless of whether it was under the old $25 redemption limit or the new $50 one. But maybe things are changing... we'll see next time I ask for a redemption.


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