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What to look for in a gaming laptop + Few recommended gaming laptops

Updated on July 10, 2013

Gaming with laptops is getting popular day by day. In early days and till now for hard-core gaming desktop PC is the best choice, but days are changing as well as the trend to do extreme gaming with desktop and gaming consoles. PC is a major platform for gaming and it is unlikely to suffer lack of demand from the gamers, since PC platform provides superior quality of gaming graphics comparing to the gaming consoles. Gaming in laptops is getting more popular day by day because laptops are now capable of offering full performance of a powerful desktop computer and perhaps something a bit more.

New technology is allowing the creation of desktop replacement laptops enabling the power of the immobile desktops into portable laptops which makes gaming in laptops more appealing. On the top of that, using laptops is always easier than desktops regardless of the environment or situation the consumer is in. Gaming laptops has an appealing look too.

So what do we need to look for in a gaming laptop in order to make the best use of the money spent after it meeting customer’s satisfaction? Gaming laptops require certain types of high configuration hardware. Processor, RAM (random access memory), HDD (hard disk drive) and external graphics cards are of primary priority. A gaming laptop requires a powerful processor, large amount of RAM, strong graphics card, a hard disk drive with sufficient storage, a high resolution screen, stereo sound output and sufficient USB (universal serial bus) ports.

Here is a list of important factors that we should look for in a gaming laptop for satisfactory and smooth gaming experience:

Important factors
Recommended qualifications
A powerful processor is a must for a gaming laptop. The smoothness of the games depends on the processor. For maximum gaming experience Intel® Core i7 with 3.4 GHz processor speed is the perfect choice.
Storage is a major concern in a gaming laptop. Anything less than 350 GB is insufficient for a gaming laptop. A hard drive with a storage limit of 1 TB is the recommended storage for a gaming laptop.
Graphics Card
An external graphics card is a mandatory part of a gaming laptop. In order to enjoy a flawless gaming experience NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 680M with 4 GB video memory or AMD® Radeon HD 7970M with 2 GB video memory is the best option.
Having sufficient RAM is another crucial part of a gaming laptop. At least 8 GB of RAM is essential for proper functionality in a gaming laptop but 16 GB RAM is recommended for maximum performance.
Without a good quality screen full gaming experience can never be achieved. Higher resolution screen is an essential part of a gaming laptop. No less than 1366 x 768 pixels is recommended, but for best gaming experience 1920 x 1080 pixels is the perfect choice.
Ports are an important part of a gaming laptop. More ports allow multiple media of connectivity. Having sufficient USB ports is a must for gaming laptop since they allow the consumer to connect several gaming accessories both wired and wireless to the computer to enhance gaming experience.
Many gaming laptop models use sophisticated sound system now-a-days. Having a gaming laptop with a good quality audio output system is essential for increasing the gaming experience.
While considering a gaming laptop it is always good to have a backlit keyboard. This particular keyboard is very helpful for gaming in the darkness as well as in brightness.
Wireless Connectivity
Wi-Fi connectivity is a must for a gaming laptop. It is essential for LAN (local area network) connection in order to enjoy multiplayer gaming.
Operating System
Operating system is another important aspect of a gaming laptop. A 64 bit Windows operating system delivers the best gaming performance. For greater gaming experience 64 bit Windows 8 operating system is recommended.

These are the few important features of a gaming laptop that has to be considered while choosing a gaming laptop. A high powerful computer delivers good gaming experience.

Few recommended gaming laptops:

There are various gaming laptops available in the market now. Here are few recommended models considering the gaming experience as well as portability.

Dell Alienware 17:

This gaming beast comes with 4th generation Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce graphics card and 17 inch anti-glare 3D display perfect for maximised gaming experience. It comes with customisable backlit keyboard. It is also preloaded with Dolby® Home Theater® V4 software for high quality audio output. This laptop uses SSD with HDD making it faster to store and install games. Considering overall performance this gaming laptop is the perfect choice for hard-core gamers after PC.


This product is worthy to be praised as a gaming laptop because of its innovative design. Though it is not as powerful as the previous one, yet it can provide satisfactory gaming experience. It is equipped with 3rd generation Intel® Core i7/i5 processor with NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 670M discrete graphics card providing a smooth and enjoyable gaming performance. Its distinguished keyboard replacing the start menu button to the right side of the keyboard prevents gamers from accidentally activating the start menu during gameplay. It is especially customised for online gaming which allows faster response to the server providing flawless online gaming. In a nutshell this laptop is worth choosing for both online and offline gameplay.

Samsung Series 7 NP700G7C-S01CA:

This powerful gaming laptop is perfect for portable gamers. This machine is comparatively light making it easy to carry around. It has powerful cooling system and specialized gaming mode. It comes with Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® graphics card and on the top of that 1.5 TB of storage space which makes it very useful for the PC gamers. On the top of that it features a blue-ray drive. It has Dolby® Home Theater® audio output giving it the capability of intense audio output for maximised gaming experience. Backlit keyboard adds an extra advantage for this laptop. This gaming laptop is highly recommended for gamers.

Digital Storm X17:

This product is a customisable PC allowing the customer to choose the preferable configuration. It comes with Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 675M graphics card with NVIDIA® Optimus Technology for powerful gaming performance. It also features color adjustable illuminated keyboard making it lot easier for gaming in the dark. This computer is a great choice for the hard-core gamers.


This product features NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ 2 technology providing great 3D gaming and movie experience. It is equipped with powerful thermal control system keeping the machine cool for longer ensuring longer hours of gaming. This computer provides powerful gaming experience with Windows® 8 operating system.

These are the five most promising gaming laptops in the world of PC gaming. A gaming laptop must be powerful enough for smooth rendering of games as well as have sufficient storage. All these factors have to be considered while choosing a gaming laptop. I hope this article may provide some help for the new hard-core gamers to choose the suitable machine for themselves who are interested to indulge into the world of gaming fantasy.


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