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What to look for in the best convertible netbook?

Updated on June 21, 2012


First let’s answer this simple question: what is a convertible netbook? Well, it’s a kind of tablet pc with netbook guts inside. It has all the advantages of netbooks combined with the ones from tablets: low price, low weight and compact size plus it’s touch driven so you can write on it, tap to select and drag to move objects.

There are also disadvantages, of course, and this post is meant to enlighten you to what extend you have to search and which aspects you have to look for when searching for the best convertiblet netbook there, or netvertible as it is called.

Criteria to look for


So, let’s see the criteria  needed for a convertible tablet to be called suitable for general use:

  • Size: you should look for 10 inch of 11.6 inch screen size. Anything smaller will kill your eyes and bigger means more weight to carry around all day, especially if you hold it in hand like a book
  • Processing power: go for a dual core Atom CPU if you find one, or one with a  higher frequency from the new Pinetrail platform
  • More RAM is better so 2 GB is what you should aim for
  • Storage: here’s an interesting tradeoff. Get a speedier SSD drive or a bigger mechanical model. Your pick, but I would go for performance, so I highly recommend SSD
  • Operating system: this is another catch, get the Windows 7 Home Premium to have multitouch support. Windows 7 Starter is cheaper, but you won’t get all the benefits. Stay away from Windows XP Starter, it’s not worth it at all.
  • Battery: the rule is clear here, the bigger the better. Even if it adds a little bulk to the package you’ll see is worth the investment.

Hope this helped you decide what netbook tablet to buy. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Good post author.Those necessary criteria are really helpful for me. You mention both pros and con's of notebook tablet PC so with keep in mind this it is easy to get one. I like your writing style as well. Thanks for this sharing.