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What's On My Sprint Android Evo Phone

Updated on November 20, 2010

Best Free Android Apps

Here is a short list of apps for the android phone which I use, all are free and can be downloaded from

After a lot of research I loaded my Evo with the bestfree apps I could find in different catagories.

I have the wildly popular “3 banana” note taking app which is now named “Catch .” The user can create a free online account and load all messages from their phone on the fly to a safe online account.

Rainy Days ” a simple Doppler radar weather app that shows you weather patterns almost anywhere in the world. Of course you can sync this program to the present location of your phone.

Scanner Radio ” A real-time app that lets the user listen in on police calls in most American major cities and a lot of smaller cities. There are also some oversea police departments the user can listen to such as ones in Austraila. Frequant updates.

Imdb ” The Internet Move Database” Outstanding app with an amazing amount of information on just about any movie ever made. Search by titles, actors, whatever. There is also info on bloopers and critics reveiws.

Finance ” by Google is a simple way to follow your stocks and syncs up with Google finance portfolios. Charts and market news is also available.

"More Good News ” is the best news reader bar-non. There are many international and domestic newspapers and web news sites in many different catagories. Program is very responsive and fast.

Retro Cam ” Is a fun little camera that replaces the Android camera app that comes with the phone. Simple to use and lets the user do easy special effects.

Espn ScoreCentral ” Easy way to follow your specific Sports teams, College and Pro. Full of up todate sport stories and news.

I'm not to much into games but I do have “Angry Birds ” on my Evo. It's a small, fun addicting game I have wasted hours on.

Google Sky ” is amazing. Point your phone at the sky and it will give you the name of the stars and planets. A just released new feature is a “time traveler” mode. You can see what the sky’s has looked like in the past.

The other Standard apps I have are Ebay, Amazon, Paypal and review apps such as yelp!, where, Kayak, and Tripadvisor.


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