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What's Wrong with the BenQ W1070 3D Home Theater Projector?

Updated on March 10, 2015

Hey Good Looking! - The BenQ W1070

About the W1070 3D Projector

I bought our W1070 just over a year ago. I've got teenage children and television's so bad these days that we thought we could all enjoy a 3D theater projector having not owned one before.

We chose the BenQ W1070 model even though it was a little more expensive than the others mainly because it had a lot of positive reviews.

It's got built in speakers (that we don't use as we have a full home theater setup) and a full HD1080p image projection of up to 200." We project onto a 125" screen so with this ratio the projection and colours are stunning. We have only used the 3D feature a few times as we tend to watch 2D films, games and television, but we did watch Titanic in 3D and it was like the ship was in the room. We've also watched Avatar lots of times and its better than been at the movies. The colors are just out of sight.

The W1070 supports all forms of 3D - HDMI, Blu-Ray, 3D broadcasting, video games and NVIDIA 3DTV PC connectivity. In this the BenQ offers over one billion colors. That's 60 times as many colors as other 3D projectors. So the clarity of the colors is seriously amazing.

Problems I've had with the BenQ W1070

One thing we found quite quickly was that the W1070 has up and down lens shift only. It means you've got to set your left right placement up perfectly by positioning your projector. So bear this in mind as we had to when positioning the BenQ on the ceiling. So this did take us quite a bit of shuffling around to get it dead right.

The bulb died after two weeks but was quickly replaced under warranty and we haven't had any trouble since. But we have now bought a spare bulb just in case. The projector does get a lot of use.

The inbuilt speakers we think are a bit of an unnecessary extra expense. Like I would imagine most people, we have a great full home theater set up so have never used them. Better for BenQ just to not have them and offer this projector at $100 less in price.

There is some fan noise - but once you've got some volume going on you'll never hear it.

Quite small buttons on the remote.

Rear View of the 1080P 3D Home Theater

Detailed Features of the BenQ Projector

  • Built in speakers are plug and play ready. Just plug your power cord and video source connection in and away you go.
  • 2 HDMI inputs for video and gaming sources.
  • The W1070 has a SmartEco Mode feature. This adjusts the lamp power for maximum power saving - so you'll only receive as much light as necessary.
  • Over one billion colors.
  • 3D support for Blu-ray , video games and movies.
  • Weighs 5.8 Lbs
  • Dimensions are: 9.6" x 12.3" x 4.1"

Questions about the BenQ W1070?

Any lag when playing games on the W1070?

No lag at all.

What Voltage is the projector?

AC100-240V, 3.4A, 50-60Hz

Many projectors project very pale colors - How about the BenQ / W1070?

Top quality very vivid images.

With a screen size of 106" and a seating distance of eight and a half feet, would pixelation occur?

Our projector is fourteen and a half feet from our screen. We have a 125" screen and there is zero pixelation.

Is the W1070 full 3D?

The BenQ will output 3D if the input is full 3D.

Does it come with 3D glasses?

No. But Amazon have them for $30 and they work fine.

How long is the power cable?

About 3 feet. But it unplugs and you can just get a longer one. We had attic space so just had a socket placed on the ceiling which makes the whole unit neater.

How long's the warranty?

One year or 2000 hour lamp life. We bought a three year warranty through Amazon for an extra $60. Well worth it.

Can I use headphones?

Yes any 3.5mm on the audio out will work.

Could you mount it on a high bookshelf?

Yes, you could.

What we love about the W1070 Projector

I bought the W1070 because my Brother in Law is a video nut and he said to me that this little projector is so good that people are selling there $3000 projectors, putting the money in the bank and buying this one. That's a pretty good recommendation coming from someone who sneaks off on Thanksgiving to catch up on a bit of video.

Actually I got him to install it for us as we were fairly much novices at this. He showed us first how to fine tune the picture position using the test pattern that's within the BenQ Menu. He then calibrated the colors and they truly are amazing. We thought they were great straight out of the box but like those audio freaks, who have to have the very best HiFi because they can actually hear the difference in quality between a medium priced HiFi and an expensive one, he's the same with colors, so he wasn't satisfied until he had them just right.

The thing we like about the W1070 too is the brightness. Because of its SmartEco feature you don't have to have the room in darkness and we generally watch the screen with room lamps on.

Something he told us that was interesting was that this is a new type of miniature projector that ten years ago would have cost $30,000. What's unique and special about it is that it has triple flash image processing. What this means is that in 3D mode (which is truly excellent) you don't get the annoying image flicker that will give you a headache for sure.

Bulbs can be expensive on projectors and this is another reason he recommended the W1070 because once again they've stolen a feature from projectors priced many times what this BenQ is and this is the SmartEco Mode. This automatically adjusts the lamp power at any time to maximum power saving, still giving you the best contrast and brightness but minimising the power needed to just enough. This gives you thousands of extra hours before replacement.

We just love it. 3D is seriously as good as you'll get at any main feature. At first we were a little worried by the price but my brother in law just said you'll regret buying anything cheaper, this is truly the very best in this price range on the market. He's right, the W1070 works really well for us.


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